Triple the fun

Recently I asked for some ideas for topics that I could use for this week’s Trifecta. The ideas given are in the following poll. Please vote on your favorite, or just something you think would be fun to read about. Whichever idea you choose, I will use that topic when completing this week’s Trifecta challenge. I have to follow all the Trifecta rules with your chosen topic. Thanks to all of you who provided these ideas.

This is hopefully going to add a layer of difficulty to the challenge, and will push me toward becoming a better writer. If you have additional ideas for topics, please leave them in the comments, and I will add them to next weeks poll. I also don’t care if you vote for more than one topic. If you have a good reason two should be together, please let me know. If there is a tie in the votes, I’ll use both. Thanks for your help.


8 thoughts on “Triple the fun

  1. I would personally like to thank the other person who voted for the exterminators and women’s panties! Go Team Panties!!

  2. I didn’t get to this in time because I’m behind, but I’m glad to see my idea of repealing the law of gravity did well even without my voting. Look forward to your post!

    • Yeah, it got two votes too, but one of them was after I had already announced the topic that had won at that point. I need to clos the polls before I go to bed on Saturday’s.

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