It isn’t a scandal…reader discretion advised

The gods at Trifecta have gifted me with the perfect word for this week’s “exterminators and women’s panties” topic. Their prompt word is: scandal. The woman who suggested that lovely topic to write about was Bird. Thank you for indulging  my desire to not have to come up with my own topics. Before you start freaking out about the disturbing nature of this post, none of it was my idea…other than the keep it short part. Send all complaints to Bird and Trifecta.

Completely normal:

It’s not like it is some big scandal. Lots of exterminators sniff women’s panties when they are clearing cockroach infested rooms. Sometimes you just want to smell something other than your recycled breath.

If you have suggestions for topics I could use for next week’s Trifecta, please leave them in the comments and I will put them in a poll on Saturday. The winner will be my topic next week.


47 thoughts on “It isn’t a scandal…reader discretion advised

    • Thanks, it is funny and gross. Every time I read it, I see more nasty stuff, like just the fact that he thinks he is normal. Who is this guy, and how did he get in my mind. 😉

  1. Absolutely Perfect!
    Just the right amount of puke came up in my mouth!!
    My favorite moment:
    “Lots of exterminators sniff women’s panties”
    OMG!! What if this is true??? And how many women’s panties can one guy sniff in a day…wouldn’t all the scents kind of run together after awhile…Even worse, has someone actually sniffed my panties when I wasn’t looking..This is going to freak me out..I feel it coming on…

    You did great with this one…hands down, this one is my favorite!!

    — Bird

    • Thanks! It was your idea! Anyway, yeah it is gross on so many levels. I just really hope there is actually not very many people out there who do something like that. It kind of makes me shiver to think about it.

  2. What if the exterminator guy in the picture you used finds out his one modelling job he thought would get him out of the blue collar work force and into a modelling life filled with loose women and designer drugs, has instead been used to illustrate on this blog an exterminator who sniffs women’s underwear?

    I’m sorry, but I’m cracking myself up thinking about it…

    Shit. Now I’m going out there into blog land to make sure no one is using my picture for something perverted like this…I won’t be able to rest until I make sure…

  3. Oh my… No words for this! Horrifying! Yet with all the obvious grossness, I’m hung up on the serious potential for malodorous “recycled breath.”

    • Thanks! Exactly what I was going for…so much grossness that you wouldn’t exactly know where to look that didn’t make you sick. I thought the recycled breath, especially after smelling panties would be a nice touch. 😉

  4. Eeewwwww. But very funny. I can just see the guy spraying, peeking, making sure he’s alone, grabbing a pair, taking a big old smell and replacing his mask real fast. Seriously dude, if you like that smell, you need better breath mints.

    • Good point about the breath mints. Maybe he doesn’t eat them because he likes the smell of his cigarette and garlic breath, but he just gets tired of it after a while. That seems to go with his gross factor.

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