OAA: In a Nutshell

I almost forgot to do a OAA, and I would hate to disappoint anyone. I would also hate it if people thought I had been eaten by crocodiles, or something else, so here is OAA in a nutshell:

Overanalyzers are really just thoughtful, most likely wonderful, compassionate people. I know I am. At least I think I am. I know I am thoughtful, and sometimes I am wonderful. The wonderful thing really just depends on what I am doing, and who I am doing it with. Wait a second, I don’t want you to misinterpret that to mean that I am “with” more than one person…at least in the Biblical sense. I am married. You people are kind of messed up. Anyway, I am usually wonderful unless I am PMSy or maybe if I have just had a bad day. Or if I just am tired. I don’t get moody when hungry like some people do, but I don’t get hungry very often anyway. I eat most of my calories in the morning. What were we talking about?

Oh yeah. I am definitely compassionate. Unless you are a murderer or something. I am all for the death penalty. Don’t over think that too much though. I would only kill people who had definitely been doing the crime. Our prison system is way too crowded. What were we talking about again? I remember, well actually I just looked at that top sentence. I don’t even live around crocodiles, so you don’t have to worry about that. Well, I am going on the MS Walk at the zoo…but I have a code phrase


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