Cry for help…not as serious as that sounds…I’m being dramatic

I need help. Seriously. Kind of. I am hormonal, and overanalyzing, and freaking out a little over…I don’t know. Let’s just stick with freaking out. I am okay right? I mean, at the momentย I am talking a little crazy, but usually I am fine right? What is wrong with me! I just want my brain to shut off for a while. I am going to go take a shower and when I come back, everyone is going to be telling me they know I am fine and that they love me and any other thing a rational person who is trying to douse a fire would write.ย It might be sleep. I haven’t had much in the last 5 days. Just please let me know if I am alright. If I’m not really sane, tell me on a different day okay?


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  1. I liked this,,but that doesn’t sound appropriate…Sounds to me like mental overload…Get out your favorite book..your favorite movie, whatever, .and go to your happy place…sometimes you just have to force the brain to take a take it on vacation for awhile… AND GET SOME SLEEP!!

    • Thanks, that sounds like great advice. The shower helped, and I’m just going to walk (roll for me) my kids down to Subway in a little bit for dinner. No Cooking, dishes, etc. Maybe they can even watch a movie on a school night just for a little quiet.

  2. Well, your grammar was correct. Your spelling was fine. You showered. Oh, and hey… bring me back a chicken & bacon honey mustard, please. Thanks!

    I think you’re fine, but a shout is all you ever need to do. Although during week days when I’m at work, I may be slow at checking new posts…. I just don’t think my boss would find my blogging all that productive… for the company anyway. For me, yes.

  3. here’s to temporary insanity due to sleep deprivation! (Raises hand in the air) yay! I agree with one of the above postersโ€ฆ Just take some time, go to your happy place, decompressโ€ฆ And all will be well. Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood sage

    • Thanks, we just got back from eating, and the kids have toys from the Dollar Store, so I am going to enjoy the break, forget about the house I didn’t clean, and just catch up on some blog stuff. Maybe a good book later. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. From a fellow insommniac who broke a toe I was so spaced out after not sleeping for 5 days straight, your brain needs a rest! Have you ever tried self-hypnosis? It’s great for getting your brain to slow down & rest which is almost as good as a sleep. It’s almost the same as meditation but I find much more relaxing – sometimes I fall asleep & sleep for a couple of hours!

  5. You are fine! I love you! You are wonderful! And if you’ve barely slept for five days you are also very tired which is why your brain is running at mach speed. Get some rest hun! xoxo

    • I took a sleeping pill last night, and I kind of overslept. My husband doesn’t understand how I can be awake all day, and then not sleep…I take lots of narcotic pain and other meds, in the morning and more at night. I just think my body has developed a resistance to a lot of medication.

  6. I don’t know about you, but codeine based pain killers (Fenytal patches, percocet) – have an ‘opposite’ effect on me . . . most of the time. That is to say that where they should make me drowsy, they wire me up (like speed) – and as I’ve found with the speed (the Doc has me on methaphenadate to combat the fatigue – which he says comes from the pain) – I get irritable as a bull moose on steriods during mating season with nothing but a cactus to play with. (okay, the visuals on my end? Stunning. And funny. But scary, too, enough that my family says “don’t take methaphenadate! (ritlen in disguise).

    So I sleep like crap. And nap. There’s another family joke: I have my post-sleep nap, and then my pre-nap nap prior to my mid-morning nap (Screw sleep ‘hygeine’, eh?) – which is to get ready for my lunch time nap – after which I take a post-nap nap to catch up on my sleep for my pre-dinner nap . . . yeah, there must be some cat in me (several ‘cats’, actually, going by the 60’s slango version). LOL.

    BUT . . . lack of sleep PLUS gobs of drugs PLUS mental exacerberation PLUS a physical disability adds up to . . . you got it: space city (where the rockets soar, then crash into the ground.) You can’t get your thoughts together; motivation goes . . . where did I place that thing? . . . depression of course; life seems lousy . . .

    We find little vacations help a bit. And maybe a little scoot-around at a park for a wearying day . . . something to keep your eyes open, mind busy until it hits midnight (the witching hour) – then go to sleep. And see if there’s some kind of cause-and-effect with the sleeplessness and painkillers. WE found our reaction changed (changes?) to them over time. And yeah: they can put you in space city without you even realizing what went wrong before you can know it. (Double doses don’t help; and you know what I mean – ‘we’ forget sometimes if we “took it” or not – and have learned . . . it sucks, because if you take one more (and you already took one) – you ‘lose’ your mind (hydrocodone is NOT my wife’s friend when “I” take the thing, LOL!! but strangely enough oxycodone is okay . . ) – and if you don’t . … well, missing a dose and oh, look: Here comes Mister Pain again (okay, so he never really went away, was just hiding in the corners of my bursitus, torn ligaments and joints . . . speaking of which, is it time for one guys??? …. lol, oh well…)

    So … yeah: space day – you just gotta sort of float through it KNOWING you’re not REALLY losing your mind . . . just drifting around a bit and that’s okay, too, because you’ll come back to earth sometime (no intelligent life here, BTW – you may wanna call Scottie and Kirk) . . .

    Until, later Hobbler – you hobble around and have ‘fun’ – and remember: it’s not forever. (the mind thing). Eventually we all lose them . . . sooner or later, LOL!! (and not such a bad thing, take it from us … embracing madness as “okay” is better than not embracing at all . . . LOL!)

    • Yeah, I think that a lot of my medications kind of cancell eachother out. Honestly, there is another element too…I love the quiet of a sleeping house, so I like staying up late and/or getting up early. I have a hard time falling asleep for naps too.

      I am glad you understand, it is nice to know that you aren’t alone…but I guess all of you understand that has a downside too. Anyway, mini vacations are good. I think that I am going to just spend some time gardening too. Thanks for not thinking I am completely crazy just yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Well said about the embracing madness thing…I think. lol Bye for now!

  7. I hate to be the one to tell you this but is sounds like you’re going insane. But, on the bright side, you’re a human and that’s par for the course. Just when you feel the onset of an extreme bout of insanity creeping up, mail the key to your firearms lock-box to yourself so you don’t hurt anybody.

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