Next weeks Trifecta

I could really use some topics for next Monday’s Trifecta challenge. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments and I will put them in a poll for you to choose Saturday what words I should attempt to weave together. Thanks, and thanks again Bird and Trifecta for giving me such easy words to work with this week. Here is a reminder if you have somehow lost the image. Hopefully it sticks this time.


It’s not like it is some big scandal. Lots of exterminators sniff women’s panties when they are clearing cockroach infested rooms. Sometimes you just want to smell something other than your recycled breath.


9 thoughts on “Next weeks Trifecta

  1. What about…cereal rapists. Poor cereal can’t catch a break. First they try to take the sugar out, then they force themselves upon you. It’s sad really…

    Okay, seriously. maybe something like people who dress up their animals, phallic shaped toys (and people’s obsession with them), or why the Japanese have this really crazy anime/weird fetish/cartoony culture in their mainstream when it doesn’t really exist anywhere else.

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