Public apology #4: Trifextra

What is up with everyone wanting me to apologize? This post is dedicated to all of the people who think I should apologize for nothing…you know who you are. 😉

I’m sorry that you’re so sensitive. It would be one thing if there was actually a reason, but to expect an apology just because? That is ridiculous. Sorry it’s not going to happen.


45 thoughts on “Public apology #4: Trifextra

  1. Hobbles, I still don’t really get Trifecta, I’m being stupid aren’t I? Actually don’t answer that! It probably says on their site but I’m too lazy to look. Time to leave work now!

  2. I havent a clue what is going on but you are so clever making them think you are apologizing for you and then making it about them…. whoever and whatever – you dont need to apologize… 🙂

  3. HI, here from Trifecta. This is the kind of letter all of us want to write, you did it so well.

  4. On behalf of those you are apologizing to I am apologizing that you must apologize, or that you feel the need for an apology, either apologetically given, needed, percieved, felt . . . whatever . . .

    On behalf of the Nation of the Offended. Of which I am fortunately not a member.
    And remember this key phrase which I used many times at a politically correct corporation I used to work for:
    “I am HIGHLY offended that you found that/me/whatever offensive. It offends me.”

    This from a guy who told a lady to keep her knees together after she complained about smelling fish in her office all the time. (the cafeteria was nearby). 😉

    • You are so funny. Just so you know, no one actually wants an apology from me…well except Trifextra, but that is not really personal. I just enjoy using an apology to tease the people around me. I’m actually a little demented I think, but don’t tell. 😉

    • I agree. Of course this particular apology was completely sincere, as have been the other three public apologies I have posted. Sincerity is my middle name. 😉

    • It is kind of hard not to think like that after a while. Here on WordPress, I’m just teasing everyone, but in real life, it seems the people who want an apology the most are the ones who deserve it the least.

    • Thanks. The trifecta prompts have been really going along perfectly with some of my regular posts. I had just written a mock apology to a blog friend last night, then trifextra wanted another insincere one. It was just too hard to resist. 😉

  5. So, you apologize for not being apologetic? I like it! Also, in reading through your previous public apologies (and what prompted them), I’m finding myself guilty-as-charged for being a lousy commenter and comment-responder. Time to up my game! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. where do I vote!!! this is AWESOME, Hobbs… I love the way your mind twists in and out of itself so by the end of things, I’m SOOOOOOO confused!!!
    (JK) Well done, m’lady!!!


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