It’s a shame really…

Poor, poor Slackerman. Thought you were just going to have a little fun… Didn’t think I would take all that “Declaration of War” stuff as anything other than a cute post.

Just so you know, I did think it was a cute post. More entertaining than a lot of your posts. The thing is, I am just really feeling like I need to let off some steam, and guess who just asked for a war?

Like I told you on Twitter, I will give you another chance to give up on Sunday night, but until then I have a few things that I need to do. Also, I should let you know, just so it is fair, I have picked up the services of a friend who can be quite the Chameleon, and I have been offered the services of a Wonderful dog that I happen to know. He has WonderFarts and WonderDrool, but I will save those for an emergency. I’m going to get this started with a few of my own tricks.


77 thoughts on “It’s a shame really…

  1. oh..well I was wondering where we left it… Darth Hobbler.. . you got GInger? huh… I came looking for an offer…kinda lonely now that so many are migrating… but now i am just confused… I know I know that makes me sooo vulnerable to being won over HINT HINT…. ‘m a little miffed at the Justice wonders just pushing the breasts around… kinda hurts me actually….so on.the.fence. it;s just …I still love you dark or not! I think I will have a doughnut…I got more and hid them in the super secret happy lightside safe… 😛

    • I’m getting Hobbles back for that too, we should start forming a plan. I’m fully aware of this knowledge now being known to Hobbles, that could work in our favour

      • (whispering) OK Joe, contact me & we’ll make a plan to get Hobbler back. I definitely think a tag team effort will work better. BTW don’t tell Hobbler . . .

        • Great, I’ve a year to build a backbone and actually go through with it, I will see how her war with Nathan pans out first, we could be making a fatal mistake crossing Hobbs!

              • Yeah, but honestly I was getting tired of the battle anyway. I am really depressed Joe. It is hard to be evil when all you want to do is sleep and cry. The break was good for me though. I think I’m a bit sadistic, because it felt good to be put in a position of evilness for a bit.

                • I’m sad to hear that and that I have no advice I can give you, depression is one of those things that unless you have experienced it others cannot relate to it.

                  Just know I am always hear for whatever you need me for!

                  • Thanks Joe. I am writing a post about the things going on inside my head, but I don’t know if I should publish it or just write it and trash it. I just am so tired of feeling anything. Sorry, I don’t want to bring you down or anything. I love you Joe, really and I value our stalker/stalkee relationship more than you could ever know.

                    • Always helps to write it down, do that but keep it as a draft, then you can go back to it and decide what to do with it later on. It doesn’t have to be published for you to still have it as reference.

      • Just so you know…I am usually not quite this depressed, and i wil probably feel better i a few hours. I just can’t seem to shut my brain down today.

        How is your day going? It’s almost half over huh? It is funny, but I think about the time difference a lot when talking to you. I try to guess what you are doing…working, on your lunch break, drinking, whatever. I think I might have a problem. Is there a Joe Hoover stalker support group? 😉

        • My managers are all in Germany this week so it’s quiet here, I am off to Spain Thursday- Sunday this week, so no blogging from me, not carrying laptop as I am only taking hand luggage as they charge about £40 to take luggage in the hold on these budget airlines.

          I’m trying to publish a new post which I scheduled but it’s not appearing, I can’t change it back now – it’s really annoying

          • Yeah, that is weird that you can’t change to post time. You have got to write a post about your Spain trip when you get back. That is a lot of money for storing your bags though. It is a good thing you are a guy and know how to travel light. My daughter brings at least two huge bags even if she is just having a sleepover for one night. 😉

            • Sorted it, my clock still thought it was an hour ago.

              It’s only a wekend trip so don’t need much, usually i stay in villas or apartments so I can use the washing machine, so I don’t need much clothes. I hate hotels, prefer to feel like I am living somewhere and shop at the local food markets as well as eating out, I hate feeling like a tourist.

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