To All Wonderfully Evil People

I need your help because I’m an evil person, but, you know that already. What you dont know is that today I am feeling a little sick. Not sick of being evil, just weak and stuff I’ve slept almost the whole day. It is probably some of that superhero voodoo. He must have hexed my screen or keyboard. You know how those heroes are…always wanting a sleeping beauty. He must have moved beyond the arch nemesis to the “he’s in love with me” stage. I must admit, that I do make it hard for guys not to love me. Anyway, I need help. If you have an idea for something wickedly evil to do to him or his blog, please do it in my name. Also, if you want to just go over there and comment on everything to confuse/overwhelm him, that would be great. If you decide to spread any rumors about Slackerman, please make sure we don’t hurt any other people. I’m pretty sure he has an imaginary friend that he talks to when he is alone, and if you accidentally hurt that “friend”, it should be okay. Thanks for your help and I hope to be evil to the max soon.


11 thoughts on “To All Wonderfully Evil People

  1. Is this a new development…your evilness? I just am having such a hard time accepting, even believing it…as I said before.. I still love you but it;s so hard think you have gone to the Darkside.. I’m not sure which is harder, that you just recently migrated or that I missed it all along… ~sigh~

  2. Sorry Hobbler, I will be your cheerleader, but I cannot perpetrate bad acts against someone who has done nothing wrong to me. I just can’t (sob). Please don’t hate me!

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