A whole new world: Trifecta

For the past few weeks, I have asked for some suggestions for topics that I can use for the Trifecta prompts. I have had a lot of great, and even more, crazy suggestions. On Friday I put the suggestions in a poll, and you voted on what topic I should write about. This week had two winners, “What would you do if you woke up tomorrow & the law of gravity had been repealed?” and “Kinky mirror sex”. Sometimes you guys really worry me…

Anyway, Trifecta’s prompt word was:


3: to celebrate or solemnize (as a ceremony or festival) in a customary or accepted way

So, thank you Benzeknees and Joe for the topic ideas, and thanks as always Trifecta for the prompt. Also, this is 333 words. I could have done it in 33, but not as well.

It was the best day ever. We were just about to observe my favorite holiday…April Fools Day. When I woke up though, I knew that this year was going to be something truly special. To start with, as soon as I opened my eyes, the entire bed flew up to the ceiling with me on it. Since it was April Fool’s day, I thought “This is pretty extreme for a practical joke. I’m good, but this is out-of-the-world crazy good”. As soon as that thought ran through my sleepy mind though, I knew it couldn’t be just a joke.

Something strange was going on, because not only was the bed on the ceiling, I was too. It was just a good thing that the headboard and footboard of the bed had stopped the ascent, or I would have been sandwiched between the ceiling and the bed. Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is fun to let things get a little wild and crazy, but that would have been a little too kinky, even for my tastes. I started pulling myself along the ceiling to get out from under…or would that be over…the bed.

The feeling of weightlessness was incredible. I went by the mirror that had somehow managed to remain attached to the wall, and it was like I had been having sex with a plastic surgeon and he had lifted everything on me for free. Breast lift, face lift, even my butt looked like the last five years had never happened. It was amazing. I just knew I needed to show off to the world. I navigated the house, and opened the front door. “Look at me world” I shouted, and pulled myself out.

Big mistake. No gravity remember? As I reverse sky-dived toward the upper atmosphere, I wondered, was it worth it, I mean, would I rather have just spent the rest of my life in my house? Screw it…it was April Fool’s Day, might as well make it interesting.

If you have suggestions for next week’s topic, please leave them in the comments. Come on…I know you have something…


63 thoughts on “A whole new world: Trifecta

  1. Well, that would certainly put Viagra out of business…

    Also, technically, if gravity no longer existed we would no longer have an atmosphere…and there would be nothing to breath so you wouldn’t have slowly woken up so much as gagged awake and then died…lol.

  2. wow ..that would be cool..all the way up to leaving the house. But even then… well there are worse ways to go right? no probably not. Interesting topics..I wonder how I missed the poll… 🙂

  3. This felt like a Magritte painting! I wondered from the start what would happen if the speaker went outside! Oops. BYE!!!! It’s like everyone’s been put on the moooooon.

    One note: “sandwiched between the ceiling and the bad. ” — I think you mean bed?

    And here’s my suggestion for next week:
    “I catcalled my way down the line”.

  4. That was one crazy April fool’s day. I’m not quite sure how you pulled it off, but you managed to bring those two suggestions together really cleverly. By the way, are all the suggestions in the comments copyrighted or can we steal some? Thanks for linking up with us and see you at the weekend.

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