Metaphorically speaking…

It is funny the vast array of people here on WordPress. It is almost like a garden…

Some people are like a cactus…They look dangerous. They really can be dangerous if you get to know them the wrong way. On the other hand, they can produce some of the most beautiful works of art you may have ever seen, and inside, where it really counts, they can have life saving qualities. A bitter-sweet mix of pain and joy, that can save you when you are thirsting for depth and healing.

Some people are a little more like morning glories. These people come into your life suddenly, often without warning. They cling to you, but it doesn’t feel like clinging. They just weave their life in with yours, producing flowers along the way…sharing their beauty with you. Often the flowers they produce don’t like to remain open all day, and begin to curl back into themselves after a few beautiful hours. Although these plants can be wonderful, they can also overtake some of the other flowers you would like to have in your garden. Occasional pruning may be necessary, but you shouldn’t cut them off completely…they just love too much and want to be everywhere you allow them to be. Just guide them to areas you don’t mind them overwhelming.

Another flower that you may find is a gladiolus. When we moved into this house, we discovered these flowers. The funny thing about them is that they look like grass…really tall grass at first. You might even be tempted to discount them or cut them off, but that would be such a mistake because they produce some of the most beautiful flowers. In the midst of the “grass” a sort of stem sprouts up, and soon it opens into many beautiful flowers. Another wonderful thing about these is that their flowers are wonderful cut flowers too. The people and flowers are of incredible value, although maybe at first you didn’t notice. They are beautiful and they occasionally produce something so lovely, it almost takes you breath away. They then give it, a piece of themselves, to you…to take some of their beauty into your home…giving of themselves to bring happiness to those who might not be able to seek them out.Another amazing flower is the viola, some call the one I am referring to, a Jonny Jump Up. It has been given that nickname because it can spread rapidly, and produces these beautiful little flowers along the way. There are several wonderful qualities about this plant. The one that brought it to my attention first was its supposed medicinal qualities. My son battled eczema when he was younger. It has gotten a lot better, but he still has a few problems with it. These flowers can be used to produce a salve that is supposed to help with this condition. They also are known to help with other health concerns, like epilepsy and asthma, and have some properties that could be used in the future to help treat cancer. The plant especially the flower has antioxidants and is edible and a beautiful addition to a salad. All in all, a beautifully useful person that seems to be everywhere you need him/her to be.Most of us are pretty familiar with the wonderful sunflower. These plants can be heart-stopping all on their own, but when they are in a field, well, that is the definition of beauty. When sunflowers are young, their heads follow the sun. As they get a little older, their face remains stable, but the laughter and fun is evident in them. These flowers are also great to have, so beautiful, and they have many helpful qualities as well. Another amazing thing about sunflowers is their ability to grow so tall. Sometimes these flowers, and people can give you strength, help you to have a good sense of direction, and show you how to rise above your circumstances.Oh yes, and the wildflowers, so many different colors, shapes, sizes. Some bloom early, and some late. Sometimes you think you found a weed, and it is a wonderful surprise when it turns into something beautiful.I could go on, but maybe another day. I should say that some things masquerade as flowers just to get into your garden. Maybe without you even realizing they were a problem. I had a brilliant idea of allowing some weeds to spread in between the rocks in our back garden area. I suppose you all can guess how that ended. Just be careful what you allow to creep around the garden of your life. Metaphorically speaking of course.


79 thoughts on “Metaphorically speaking…

  1. Hey it is just the wicked Cactus calling
    in to read your wonderful posting, actually
    this one is a delight to view, of course I
    am not much of a gardener these days
    but I do enjoy the varieties of colour that
    can be achieved with just a little effort 🙂

    Have a most enjoyable Wednesday my
    friend and do keep adding to your Space
    as every posting will blend in with the
    surroundings, complementing a fine and
    delightful garden of colourful scenery, a
    place for Cactai, Friends and Flowers of
    all descriptions 🙂

    Have fun today 🙂

    Androgoth Xx

    • That is funny. You were one of the people who came to my mind when I was writing about the cactus. I am so glad that you liked it, and your timing was pretty good too, as I was slipping into a more melancholy state of mind. I like the “little effort” side of gardening too. I stopped by your blog earlier, and okay, don’t think I am too crazy, but I have actually looked at most of your links. I’m a morning glory vine, I like to explore people’s sites, deeper than their most recent post. Anyway, the zombie one was still your home page, and I wasn’t sure I felt like commenting on the others. I didn’t think you would mind. I figured you would probably appreciate thoughtful and heartfelt comments more than just commenting as a check off list. Anyway, thanks again for visiting my colorful, at least for the moment, world.

      • It is enough that you called by my friend, comment wherever you wish as I am happy for any of my friends to enter into My Gothic Realm, sometimes visiting my Space can be a tad frightening for some, and for others it can seem to be a place of wanton wickedness, even a bit naughty, but on the whole it is mainly just a fictional adventure, a place for friendships to be forged and fun to commence, well it is on my nonsensical offerings anyway, which are usually tongue-in-cheek scripts designed for joviality, well that is my aim of course 🙂

        Okay what am I wittering on about? I am saying that you are welcome to call anytime you wish and to add a commment here, there of wherever you like and to feel free to add comments on my friends Spaces also, they are all a wonderful mix with, oh yes and they are very friendly too 🙂

        I think that Wombania could be a fun website for you to visit 🙂

        BTW – I like your world of blogging my friend 🙂

        Androgoth XX

        • Thank you again. I have visited Wombania too. I’m telling you, I’ve looked at almost all your links. I can see all the wickedness, naughtiness, adventure, but you also have a lot of beauty. The wolves, the cat and dog pics, honestly, the body paint is pretty beautiful too, but I guess that goes into that naughty area. 😉

  2. I’d like to think I’m a sunflower. I use to follow the sun, but now I’m happy just the way I am. You painted a lovely image of people as flowers. I enjoyed…. T

  3. I would like to think I am a combination of Gladiolus & Sunflower, but I’m afraid you’re going to say I’m a Morning Glory. If it’s true, you can tell me & I’ll go away for a while & quit strangling you with my attention (hiccup, sob)

    • Gladiolus and sunflower would be perfect for you! You aren’t even close to being a morning glory, but that is the category I put myself in. I think had you not chosen anywhere, I would probably put you in the gladiolus category as your dominant plant. Most of us have a little of the others mixed in.

      • Gladiolas are actually my favorite plant in the whole world! Hard to grow where I have been living – not enough heat & days of sunshine, but I still love them!

        • Thank you for not calling me a morning glory, I would have been sad to have to go away. Although I do have a bit of these qualities too – I can get very stubborn & mulish sometimes. And you know once a mule sets its feet it’s hard to move, just like a morning glory I guess.

  4. Great post!! I used the flower garden analogy when trying to open the eyes of a little boy who was a little uncomfortable with human diversity.

    • That is awesome! It really is something so interesting. All of them kind of take different settings to really thrive too. It is a beautifully diverse world.

  5. 🙂 You knew you had me with the pictures of those flowers, didn’t cha (I can almost see your sly smile) . . . and the metaphores – very good! Something I hadn’t thought of . . . and a great way of looking at people . . .

    I reckon I fall under the “wildflowers” catagory, given the way I am.

    • Yeah, I think that is where I would put you, but you kind of fit all the other flowers too. I need to update the list, cause some people don’t really fit anywhere. I think I’ll add lilies, and I don’t know what else…

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