Important. Re: Not a narcissist

A while ago we did a more fun than you can imagine “not a narcissist” challenge. Most of you know that I don’t follow rules well. Anyway, turns out that the image I chose for our award is copyrighted, so if you have it on your blog, please delete it before they send me to jail. It is the “narcissist eye chart”. Thank you…actually that probably applies to any award I made up or picture I have posted. Sorry.

6 thoughts on “Important. Re: Not a narcissist

    • Google image is where I got that one. I don’t think it usually matters. I just got an email from someone who said they got an email asking them to remove it because it was copyrighted. I guess I’ll just have to start drawing my own. I could do justice to the pic I just saw on your blog. Steamy is right!

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