Off Their Rockers

If you haven’t heard, Betty White has a show, where old people prank younger people. Genius idea if you ask me. Here is a clip:

Off Their Rockers Clip

The only problem is that although the pranks are wonderful, the narrative that Betty White does between the clips is not. She needs a writer…a really good one. Someone who can weave words into a dreamscape. Someone who can take a prompt from one writing challenge, and use it with any topic that the crazy writers in her life come up with. She needs me.

NBC, I am offering my services free of charge for a month, after which you will receive a discount. I love pranks. I love old people. I love to write. Don’t make me beg here. We could have a beautiful relationship. Please…I love you…you won’t regret it…

24 thoughts on “Off Their Rockers

  1. Hi. This is ABC. We’d love to higher you based on your description. The only catch is that for this specific show, Betty White has asked that we only pay the writers in Poly-dent and buttons. If these terms are agreeable, please meet me in the shady alley behind the 7-11 at the corner of Broadway and Hollywood Blvd.

  2. I was really looking forward to this show & have become totally bored with it already. Candid Camera was so much better! But you’re right about Betty White’s commentary – I guess since she is producing the show she probably does her own writing too! Go for it Hobbles!

    • I don’t know if it will be around long enough for me to get a chance to write for it. John was mentioning that they will probably run out of pranks to do soon. I think he is right. It will get old fast, and you are saying the same thing…so sad.

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