39 thoughts on “Excuse me please…

  1. Hahaha I SWEAR to you I thought about doing the exact same thing yesterday…LMAO ummm mine was scheduled so if it fell after your ..request, my apologies.. πŸ™‚

    • If only it was that easy. While I was writing that, there were about 6 more published. When will everyone just start reading my stuff before doing anything? They should have learned by now…

    • This week? Okay, yeah study, but whenever you want to do your character, let me know. Those posts were earlier when I asked people to slow down…it just was crazy. But, take your time with your guy. You can’t give it up though…just wait until you have more time, but you’ve sold me on him now. I am completely looking forward to him.

      • Oh yeah I have every intention of studying for my finals which means I am almost certain not to. Procrastination is when I visit my journal the most πŸ™‚ Working on my character too, I haven’t forgotten! Expect to post him tomorrow night.

      • I just realized that this comment could be taken really, really wrong. He is making a character for OAA. It is just a writing idea. A character…just in case you read this and think “WTF?”

  2. I can never catch up. But that’s okay. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I was caught up. And I inadvertently followed your command since I got home late today anyway!

  3. Things do get out of hand from time to time don’t they. I’m just reading this now and have 2 post to write, well 1.5. I’m thinking it is break time, summer schedule or something like that.

  4. Sorry, I very well may have posted because I just got to read this right now & normally it might have had to wait until morning because I’m just trying to get caught up on comments before going to bed. I had 206 to look at when I refreshed!

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