Dedicated to you. Yes you, the person reading right now…

I don’t care if you hate poetry. I wrote this specifically for you at 2am, now after learning how to write code so I could get the formatting right, it is 4am, so suck it up and read.

To write…

It slowly starts, like drops of rain
A gentle sound on a window pane
At first it’s really quite as mild
As a simple game played by a child

The laughing words, the teasing chant
The dreamy lines, the mocking rant
It plays with you, but soon you see
Things aren’t exactly light and free.

At first it still seems it’s in fun
The sometimes truthful…hurtful pun
A new mood starts to creep inside
Things that maybe still should hide

Then humor breaks upon the page
Pushing aside the thoughts of rage
The storm is pounding faster now
Words come out, you don’t know how

Sometimes they make you laugh out loud
Other times you feel quite proud
Sometimes they stab you like a knife
They reach out for your very life

These are the times that writers fear
When desperation seems too near
But then a calm within the storm
Is it done?…or just getting warm

Added to this chaotic mix
Are other writers with their tricks
Curiosity builds, friendships are made
Lines get crossed, some prices paid

But through it all, as writers know
Rivers of words don’t stop their flow
They carve out gorges deep and thick
They can bring healing to the sick

Laughter and love, passion, pain
Pouring hard…a driving rain
After many sleepless nights you find
There’s no escaping from your mind

The Hobbler…through the night, into the wee hours of the morning…painfully, lovingly, yours…my readers.

I’m kind of liking this one, so:

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38 thoughts on “Dedicated to you. Yes you, the person reading right now…

  1. What a deliciously thought out poem my friend,
    and written with such an artistic edge, I think that
    some of my best writing has been achieved in
    the twilight hours and this one of yours certainly
    raises the bench mark my friend. Excellent πŸ™‚

    Androgoth Xx

    • Thank you! I think I write best in the middle of the night too. It seems like a lot of artists have insomnia. Might as well take advantage of it when it strikes right? Thanks again for reading.

      • You are welcome, actually I am never usually
        on WordPress during the day but I have enjoyed
        reading your postings my friend and I will be back
        to try and catch up a little, I am really behind on
        everyone’s but eventually I will get back on track πŸ™‚

        Have a fine day today my friend πŸ™‚

        Androgoth Xx

  2. I am so in love w/ this woman! So grateful you were awake at 2 a.m. πŸ˜€ And good job on the HTML thing! I’ve tried before. My eyes glazed over, my brain froze up – the end. THANK YOU for being my friend. xoxoxo

  3. This is kind of creepy. Not that you wrote it and posted it out here, but that I found the same poem typed out and lying underneath my pillow this morning…

  4. OK you got me – Hotspur can attest I don’t like poetry, but I liked this one! Very well done!
    I gave up on writing the post that was causing me so much angst for last night. It has already pulled so much out of me I felt like a limp noodle, so I went to bed early for me (1 a.m.) & got a good nights sleep. I may have worked out a different angle to come at the post from now. We’ll see. Love you Hobbles!

  5. Good job. I usually need two reads to understand anything close to poetry but I got this as soon as I read it… so next time work harder and make it something dummies like me don’t understand so fast.

    • If you understand it that fast, you aren’t a dummy. I think a lot of poets try to be a little too poetic. I just feel a lot. This one pretty much wrote itself, butt I usually write humor, scratch that. I just write like the poem. Whatever words just come. Sorry this comment us wordy . πŸ˜‰

  6. What a kind thing to do for your readers. Beautifully crafted, like a lovely story. For me the middle-of-the-night crazies sometime yield the richest stuff.
    Thanks for sharing your sensibilities to this dolt out here.

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