OAA: New Character from a new character

Recently I had the pleasure of being introduced, through the magic of WordPress, to a fellow overanalyzer. Long story short, if you think I am bad…

All joking aside, he created a character who will soon be coming to a OAA meeting. On his blog he wrote about him. So, please visit his blog and learn about his character.

As in most overanalyzing situations, there is a long and a short version, and Titilategorillas has provided both. The less-long version is near the bottom of his post, but you absolutely need to read the whole thing if you overanalyze, or know someone who does. Seriously…it will be worth your time. Here is the link:

OAA character Joe

4 thoughts on “OAA: New Character from a new character

    • Me too. He is going to be fun. I’m going to do the short and sweet version, but I might ask TG to just write some OAA stuff when I get busy. 😉 he seems to have the concept down pretty well.

  1. Thanks for the publicity! Hope you’re not feeling too busy. I can’t imagine trying to blog and have kids. Well I can’t really imagine having kids.

    How’s your book coming by the way? I don’t think I could ever write one. But I would love to read yours if/when it comes out!

    • Thank you. I love your characters. I think that both you and Joe will come to the meeting. I have a Trifecta writing thing to do, but then I might work on OAA. 😉

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