Letters to the editor: Trifextra style

I am really loving every idea that people throw out there. After the Goldilocks affair, one of my awesome commenters and I had a brief discussion, which ended up in a suggestion to write a letter to the editor. Thanks Jennifer for the challenge, and as usual, it fits into Trifextra‘s prompt too.

These are letters to the editor after the publication of last week‘s and weekend‘s Trifecta challenges.




How dare you make a mockery of classic stories such as The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks. Misinterpreting their intended meaning is an outrage. I am cancelling my subscription. – Pissed off in Pennsylvania

It does not take a genius to see that both of those fairy tales centered around murder before you ever wrote a thing. Thanks for bringing out the obvious. – Your Reality Check

She had no right to come into our home and touch our stuff, and our friend Sam the pig? His brother was a stuck up asshole. Good riddance to them both.  – Papa Bear

16 thoughts on “Letters to the editor: Trifextra style

  1. Ooooh … that’s brilliant! I especially loved the outrage. I agree too with Barbara — oftentimes the letters are way better than the original stories …

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