To the shiniest person I know:

Today is a special day.

A few months ago, around the time of the infamous not a narcissist challenge, I noticed GingerSnaap, shining among the narcissistic rocks like a diamond. Later I attempted to conspire against a couple other bloggers. This attempt failed…miserably…pathetically…but GingerSnaap was the fellow conspirator who emailedย  (the smart way, when one of the people you are conspiring against is a freak who follows comment threads like they are dropping golden eggs or something) me.

As I started grooming all of you for my “I am a hoarder” April Fool’s Day prank, GingerSnaap was the friend who was concerned enough to give me her personal information including real name and cell phone number and beg me to call if I needed to talk. I had to let her in on the prank at that point, and she helped me see it through to April 1st at the risk of betraying the confidence of all of you who poured you love and hearts out to me.

When another friend was hurting, GingerSnaap cried out for help for the sake of someone who until that night, I hadn’t met, and someone who I consider a dear friend now.

When my real life collided with the blog world in a painful crash, I broke the unspoken code of blogging and used her number, talking to her about the situation. I knew she would understand, and love, and not judge me.

She is an absolutely amazing person far beyond just her blogging abilities. Happy birthday GingerSnaap. The world is a more beautiful place because you are in it.

48 thoughts on “To the shiniest person I know:

  1. Oh.My.Gawd!! I am rendered speechless (not really) by all of this LOVE today!
    Hobbs- You are awesome and I couldn’t ask for a better friend- I am better for knowing you and I appreciate your honesty and candid humor! I very much enjoy abusing fellow bloggers with you ;o)

    And our late nite texting/ therapy sessions keep me going for another day!

    Much love to YOU and Thank You for your kind words that I do not deserve!

    From one shiny sister to another- MUAH!

  2. and here I thought I was the shiniest person you knewโ€ฆ (And secretly, the most narcissistic. But don’t tell anybody that) it’s good to see the world didn’t fall apart while I took a break from the blogosphere ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lol, not narcissistic at all…I cried the whole time I wasn’t writing love poetry to my readers, taking over friend’s blogs, doing trifecta and trifextra challenges, writing about my favorite type of porn, etc. Crying my eyes out… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Love the celebrations, love Stevie Wonder, feel left out of the club. That’s OK, it’s not the first time all my friends have gone off leaving me behind to babysit their younger siblings, etc. (sob) I’ll live, don’t worry at all about me . . .

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