Hear Ye, Hear Ye

By issue of royal decree, you are cordially invited to the grand ball…

Okay, so there’s no grand ball, but your attendance and input is required if you are among the carefully selected group of individuals chosen. If you are reading this, you are among that group.

Your task is difficult. Some would say impossible, but with courage and determination, the knowledge will be found.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is, choose what thing is a lie. Some mighty warriors have attempted the challenge, but more input is needed before the answers are revealed. After you guess mine, your challenge is to list 6 things on your blog that are true about you and to create 1 lie. We will attempt to discover more about each other than we ever wanted to know.

Click the link to read my truths and a lie and decide for yourself how freaky I am, then create your own, or be put in the stocks.


Important. Re: Not a narcissist

A while ago we did a more fun than you can imagine “not a narcissist” challenge. Most of you know that I don’t follow rules well. Anyway, turns out that the image I chose for our award is copyrighted, so if you have it on your blog, please delete it before they send me to jail. It is the “narcissist eye chart”. Thank you…actually that probably applies to any award I made up or picture I have posted. Sorry.

Off Their Rockers

If you haven’t heard, Betty White has a show, where old people prank younger people. Genius idea if you ask me. Here is a clip:

Off Their Rockers Clip

The only problem is that although the pranks are wonderful, the narrative that Betty White does between the clips is not. She needs a writer…a really good one. Someone who can weave words into a dreamscape. Someone who can take a prompt from one writing challenge, and use it with any topic that the crazy writers in her life come up with. She needs me.

NBC, I am offering my services free of charge for a month, after which you will receive a discount. I love pranks. I love old people. I love to write. Don’t make me beg here. We could have a beautiful relationship. Please…I love you…you won’t regret it…