The choice was yours

The results from the poll are in for this weeks Trifecta, and the winners are: What would you do if you woke up tomorrow & the law of gravity had been repealed? And Kinky mirror sex. So, we will se what word Trifecta gives us, and I will use both the winning topics. Thanks for the suggestions!

To All Wonderfully Evil People

I need your help because I’m an evil person, but, you know that already. What you dont know is that today I am feeling a little sick. Not sick of being evil, just weak and stuff I’ve slept almost the whole day. It is probably some of that superhero voodoo. He must have hexed my screen or keyboard. You know how those heroes are…always wanting a sleeping beauty. He must have moved beyond the arch nemesis to the “he’s in love with me” stage. I must admit, that I do make it hard for guys not to love me. Anyway, I need help. If you have an idea for something wickedly evil to do to him or his blog, please do it in my name. Also, if you want to just go over there and comment on everything to confuse/overwhelm him, that would be great. If you decide to spread any rumors about Slackerman, please make sure we don’t hurt any other people. I’m pretty sure he has an imaginary friend that he talks to when he is alone, and if you accidentally hurt that “friend”, it should be okay. Thanks for your help and I hope to be evil to the max soon.

It’s a shame really…

Poor, poor Slackerman. Thought you were just going to have a little fun… Didn’t think I would take all that “Declaration of War” stuff as anything other than a cute post.

Just so you know, I did think it was a cute post. More entertaining than a lot of your posts. The thing is, I am just really feeling like I need to let off some steam, and guess who just asked for a war?

Like I told you on Twitter, I will give you another chance to give up on Sunday night, but until then I have a few things that I need to do. Also, I should let you know, just so it is fair, I have picked up the services of a friend who can be quite the Chameleon, and I have been offered the services of a Wonderful dog that I happen to know. He has WonderFarts and WonderDrool, but I will save those for an emergency. I’m going to get this started with a few of my own tricks.

The choice is yours…

It is time for you to choose what the topic for next week’s Trifecta will be. I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize once more to a blogger who is apparently more sensitive than I thought…not like there is anything wrong with that. I like sensitivity in a man. Especially if he is styling my hair or helping me find the perfect shoes. So, sorry again Nathan.

This poll has some of the answers that were not chosen from last time. Choose wisely…

Public apology #4: Trifextra

What is up with everyone wanting me to apologize? This post is dedicated to all of the people who think I should apologize for nothing…you know who you are. 😉

I’m sorry that you’re so sensitive. It would be one thing if there was actually a reason, but to expect an apology just because? That is ridiculous. Sorry it’s not going to happen.

Just because…

If you are a regular visitor to this blog, for the past few days, we have been having some pretty serious stuff on here. Sorry about that. Sometimes, there are questions that you have to ask yourself, and decisions to be made. I choose to do that publicly sometimes. Anyway, I came across this song, and I thought it was appropriate in a way for what we have been talking about.