3 truths and 1 lie: Trifextra

Trifextra challenge:

When she laughed I could see tiny wrinkles near the corners of her eyes. Whispers of lines that one day would tell stories to our grandchildren.

She could see through my smiles and mockery and know that the pain was tearing me apart.

Sometimes she would look up from her book and just gaze out the window.

But yeah, it was all about the sex.


35 thoughts on “3 truths and 1 lie: Trifextra

  1. I loved the poignancy and clandestine veracity of this piece, and a few other random big words. I loved the ending, the beginning, and the middle also.

  2. You dirty, dirty woman. Ok, I’ll play along but we need a safe word. How about….Glugenconcrepenschreimer. All you have to do is say that.

  3. Oh. My. Stars. Y’all are making me giggle. A lot. And then reality settles in as I realize how uncreative I am in comparison……….. 😆

  4. Oh! Ha hahahaha … also?

    I. Love. It.

    Seriously, it makes me think of most (all) of the men I know and how when things get a bit too sensitive, they go to what’s rude and (hopefully) funny. This includes my 5 year old boy who can ruin any yummy moment with a big squish and a yell: BOOBIES!

  5. Thanks for linking up to Trifextra this weekend. I, too, loved this piece. I love the sweetness and simplicity of it. Definitely effective, and a great take on the prompt. Hope to see you back again soon.

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