Do I Talk Too Much?

One of the things that I have like best about blogging is the comments. The interactions between all of us. There have been several of you who I have stayed up through the night ‘talking’ with. There have also been times when I have woken early and spent all morning ‘talking’ in the comments to you. Sometimes it is on my blog, sometimes on yours, but I am pretty sure by now all of you know that I have a hard time just shutting up. There is way too much stuff that I have told different people on here. That said, don’t get together with my other followers and combine the things that I have told all of you so that you could blackmail me or something. Remember, I am in a wheelchair. You can’t do mean things to cripples, or people will think you are a jerk, so haha.

Now, I have some guidelines for commenting or more specifically my commenting:

1. I have a compulsion to reply to every comment you place on this blog. Most of the time, this compulsion is so strong that I will butt in to other people conversations on here. I have been trying not to, but I can’t promise I will stay out of your business. If it is on my blog, it becomes my business too, it seems to me.

2. There are some people who comment over here and I immediately take that as an invitation to have a conversation. I might ask them a question, or whatever, but I really love talking to you people, so if there are a few people who back and forth we have about 50 comments on one post, please just scroll down and still leave your comment, because odds are, when I am done talking to whoever, I’ll be coming for you. Please don’t be annoyed when some posts have over 100 comments, it is my favorite part of blogging.

3. I lack discretion. Sometimes I remember to be good, but typically if I want to ask something, I will. If I want to say something that you would probably rather not know. I will probably say it anyway. I am not trying to be rude or anything like that. I just value honesty, so if I want to ask if you are crazy, or if you are depressed, or whatever, I will probably ask.

4. You really are the best. I don’t know how it happened, but I seriously have the best commenters in the world. I wrote a post about it, but it is amazing. Your voice, writing, whatever is a huge influence, and the support you have given when I’ve had a hard time, has rescued me from hate, depression, pity, loneliness.

5. If I am ever talking to much to you, on your blog or mine, put a smiley face as one comment. That is going to be my hint that this conversation is over, and I will move on.

So, I guess that is all I wanted to say now. Thanks for being my friends even when I never shut up.

54 thoughts on “Do I Talk Too Much?

  1. When I grow up and start my own blog. You are welcome anytime… I like yourself have a lot to say and ask, about a great many things. Have a great day!!!

  2. Commented on the other one but it did a WP poof on me and disappeared into your spam box I think 😦

  3. πŸ™‚ <- (normal smiley – I don't start my comments by stopping them, LOL!) And I never expect an answer unless I ask a direct question – and if you don't answer I figure you don't want to (for whatever reasons) – and I respect that privacy. On the flip side I'll tell ya just about anything about me that you wanna know, LOL!! So just 'ask away'!. I, too, feel that compulsion to reply to every comment – BUT I'm working on that (smiling grin). Tact? Discretion? What is that??? I've been told I'm one of the bluntest people around by some who know me: I just get "right to the truth" without beating bushes up (poor bushes . . . they've just about lost their leaves – wink! wink! – see the secret symbology in that one? At least for me?)

    And of course comments mean your blog is being read – which is always a good thing and positive reinforcement. πŸ™‚ <-(end post smiley!)

  4. You know what, if people don’t like how much you’re talking, screw em’. It’s easier for them to not read it than it is for you to control your compulsion to say something.

    • Yeah, you tell them, those no good, dirty, rotten scoundrals. How dare they not like my words! Actually, I haven’t had complaints other than it takes a while to scroll down to where they shold leave a comment.

  5. Like you, I get so much from interacting with others and reading others’ blogs. I am following quite a few now so sometimes it takes a while to not only read them but comment on a lot as well. If I don’t feel I can add anything specific to the blog I will often ‘like’ it but still I have enjoyed reading it, as I do yours. I take time to write also…recently re-blogging some that I wrote back in Nov/Dec when I first started and didn’t have much readership. I didn’t realize the importance of ‘tags’ and often didn’t put any…..In any case…’keep on blogging’….Diane

  6. hi im sure no one tells you to shut up lol now wheres that muzzle only joking i like people who ask questions and who are honest after all we dont have to answer any we dont want too now i think im talking too much lol have a good weekend hobbler xjen dont you find people talk to the wheelchair pusher instead of the person sat in it

  7. Being retired for over two years, I can appreciate how the blogosphere can become your social discourse center. I’d love more followers and comments at my place, but they’re increasing. My daughter blogs as LadyRyl. She also has a (power) wheelchair, and relies muchly on the internet. It’s your party, and you can yak if you want to. Keep it up.

  8. I love to see your comments & I think it’s hilarious to follow a long comment thread all the way to the end to see how both you & your commenter are responding. Just keep on keeping on & doing exactly what you’re doing!

  9. Forgot to say – having a lot of trouble with my internet the last 2 days on top of going back to work in a very busy office, so if you don’t hear from me right away, don’t despair. I’m not deleting anything, I’m determined to get caught up.
    I’ve been getting a lot of “You seem to be lost” from your links. Is this just another symptom of my computer trouble or are you having trouble with your links? I thought I saw someone else say something about this.

    • It is me. I’m going through and removing/moving/updating posts. It messes up some comments too. Sorry. I will get it all straightened up soon hopefully.

  10. This doesn’t require a reply. πŸ˜‰ However, I can’t believe you actually asked that. We all know- ok, those like us- know that there is no such thing. I think it’s sweet that you are concerned, though. {don’t go an analyze this!} πŸ˜†

  11. I enjoy “talking” with you, too. I suppose this is type-talking. Sometimes I may not be in the mood and that’s when I leave a kindly “like” to let you know I’ve been by, but either busy, leaving, or too tired to chat.

    I respond to nearly everyone who comments on my site, as well. Typically it’s a courtesy “thank you for visiting and commenting” type reply. It just all varies. Right now I’m at work, so if you reply, it probably won’t be until this evening until I reply. I’ve gotten pretty busy at work now- it’s our busy season. So work is not interfering with my blogging and blog-friends… damnit. How rude of my job to be so inconsiderate….

  12. Q: Are you crazy?
    A: Yes, I came to Earth and haven’t left yet. Then, maybe I’m sane for leaving Mars.
    Anyway. Long conversations aren’t a problem. Rather than looking at the internet as an excuse to not talk to people face to face, let’s view it as a rewarding experience that allows you to “meet” people you never would’ve otherwise.

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