To all the people I read frequently:

I am so sorry. I haven’t done as good a job of reading you as I would like. My phone for some reason won’t pull up the reader tab, so unless I get to a real computer, I can’t see who has posted new stuff. Or old stuff by now.

I have had a few reasons why I haven’t been able to just sit at the computer, and I have also been a bit distracted. Please forgive me. I plan on updating the phone tomorrow, but I don’t think I will he able to catch up as much as I’d like. Anyway, hopefully I can get the technical stuff figured out tomorrow. Thanks for understanding.

22 thoughts on “To all the people I read frequently:

  1. Same boat I’m in – I’ve had to forward some posts to my work so I can catch up on lunch hours etc. because I seem to be getting farther behind. I thought I was getting a little ahead of the game & then last night I fell asleep in my chair & hubby sent me to bed without my usual computer time. Now I’m behind again! Still struggling to get caught up . . .

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