Spam worth talking about

“This is a comment to the admin…blah, blah, blah…I see you could have more visitors because there are not many comments on your website yet…blah, blah, blah…Hope this helps. Take care.”

This spam on my blog? I have awards for talking too much…


25 thoughts on “Spam worth talking about

  1. Too funny..
    How do they choose where to post? And did you ever notice that you get a whole bunch of the same ones..different people? with the same website all on the same day.. I actually let the intelligent ones through.. they have enough brains to work at what ever get rich quick scheme they bought into … ( I think there are three of them on my blog…)

      • Yup. Me too. I feel sorry for them, web marketing only works if you’re selling an actual product – or else how would one explain the really aggressive marketing style?

        • I’ve been watching “web marketing” videos and reading posts for two years now and none of it makes sense to me. My best marketing is done in the real world, person-to-person. I guess these schemes work for some, but by the time the “masses” buy in it’s overrun.

  2. Ok then, Here is a comment from a non-blogger. I love your posts I follow you and I suscribe.. You write well are truly funny and, have wise ways of putting life in perspective.. I will comment everyday if will keep “them” offa your back!!! (typo cost you zero dear) Have a Great Day 🙂

  3. Every time I see that one a: I think of you and B: it always comes (or seems to) be attached to a post that has like 80 comments on it. Love these guys, a side bonus to being on word press.

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