OAA: Week 7

If you don’t know, OAA stands for over-analyzer anonymous. If you haven’t read any previous posts, they start here and are better if read in order.

OAA: Week 7

Bob: Hi guys, welcome to this meeting. It seems as if our group has been pretty much established, so I think it’s time to move on to the heart of the problem. Overanalysis. What does that word mean to each of you?

Sue: Well, it has always sounded kind of sexy to me. Not like the word itself turns me on, but the idea of someone obsessing over me. Or me obsessing over someone else. That is ultimately what overanalysis is…obsession.

Jill: Um, thanks for that Sue. I totally agree, and I am not being sarcastic at all. Overanalysis is: to over think things to the point of it either being annoying or ruining your relationships with people. For example, I hate my parents, not because there was something wrong with them, it’s the disease. The problem was that as a child I had learned that there was much more going on than it appeared. They tried to get me to eat certain food, have time limits on everything, etc. It was all designed to torture and slowly kill us, but when I realized that was going on, I recognized that my parents were probably over-analyzers who felt that children should grow into some idea of humanity. Sad really, their overanalyzing led to the destruction of our relationship.

Bill: My sister is right about most of that, except our parents were actually aliens, dressed up like people. When I learned of this, I became a nudist for a few years, to prove that I was all human. It is kind of strange that aliens could have a human babies, but it is even more strange why the government is covering this whole thing up. It actually has to do with pudding and alligators, but it is a really long story.

Jerry: You are all out of chips man…

Becky: Hi everyone, this is Cookie, remember me telling you about her? Anyway, we just wanted to see if our stalkers followed us here.

Cookie: Look, they are over at that window. I also found this note on our car window: Watch out for voyeurs…weird.

Bob: Let’s try to stay on topic here. What about you Jack?

Jack: Thanks for asking. I have actually thought a lot about what overanalysis is. I think that it is definitely something that you are born with, although it can become worse as we age. It is weird though because every time I think about overanalyzing, then I notice something and get distracted by it. That might be what overanalyzing is, being constantly distracted by details that other people wouldn’t think twice about. Not that I would really know a lot about that.

Like I mentioned I am too distracted to become a overanalyzer, but Joe could probably tell you. He might not want to share though. Sometimes I think that he is a little too private. It is good to be able to be open and express yourself. I worry that he might be pushing all his feelings down in order to appear normal to the outside world. No matter how much he pushes that stuff down, he will still be a really tall Asian dude. There is nothing normal about that. He might as well start getting used to it. Like my mom always told me, we all have different addictions. Not like being tall is an addiction, but maybe he is addicted to obsessing about his height. Could he be addicted to a life of silent overanalysis?

Bob: How about we ask him…Joe?

Joe: Yeah um, don’t take this the wrong way or anything, but you all make me seem normal. Got to go, I have to make a phone call.

37 thoughts on “OAA: Week 7

  1. I thought about reading the posts in order as you suggested…but that got me thinking. Why am I supposed to read the other posts first? Perhaps, it is a trap. So I decided to read this one first. Then I was plagued by fear that if I didn’t follow your advice and read the others first I would somehow set forth the destruction of the universe. Or maybe, I was just overthinking. LOL. Great read….even out of order.

    • In order just helps you see who the characters are. Sue has a crush on the leader, Bill is paranoid of government, Jill of her parents (who she may have killed. She is more of a smart ass too. Becky and Cookie are based loosely on a couple of real people here, as are their stalkers. Jerry is homeless and only comes for the food, and Jack thinks his friend Joe has a overanalyzing problem. Joe is quiet. Bob is the therapist slowly losing his sanity. 😉

      • I’ve been trying to go back and read them in order. I just thought i would over analyze my decision…a little humor about the subject matter at hand. i was mainly just really bored today at work. blah, blah, blah. work just gets in the way of my creativity. gah.

  2. OMG…it’s so funny laughing at the way others over-analyze when it differs from you. I read them all.

  3. I am surprised the DSM doesn;t have an overanalytical personality disorder 🙂 . I LOL at Jack : I have actually thought a lot about what over analysis is… hahahaha good job..

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