And then you said…

Have you ever listened to the things that kids say when they are playing?

One of the most common things I hear is “and then you/he/she said…”

Wouldn’t you love to do have that power and people would play along?

Get pulled over: “and then he said, I’ll just give you a warning”

Having relatives visit: “and then they said they wanted to stay in a hotel instead”

An important project deadline missed: “and then they said, we thought we should give you more time and a bonus for working so hard”

Spilled something in the house: “and then he said, let me clean it up”

Meeting with teachers: “and then she said that my kid is the most responsible in the class”

Mother’s day: “and then he said, I want you to stay in a hotel this weekend ad let me take care of the kids”

Don’t have cash for a tip: “and then she said I really don’t like getting tips”

Argument with spouse: “and then he said, actually I’m wrong, I’m sorry”

Kids misbehaving in a public place: “and then they said that they love loud kids”

This could be endless. If you got to play with life as the kids do, what would you say?

41 thoughts on “And then you said…

  1. Hit the neighbors’ fence as you back out: “and they say, we were going to replace it and you saved us the price of tearing it down. Thank you.

  2. So the good blog still lives. I am working on a children’s book. The premise is simple. I have been saying to kids for years, “I like monkeys”. Just randomly, out of the blue. The book is just all the great replies I have received. Because kids rock. I tried saying it to adults, but they just look at you funny and move a little farther away.

  3. Insurance company after the storm: “and then they said, ‘Oh, it is a natural disaster, so we will waive your deductible.'”

  4. And then He said, “You want some more teenage years? Go ahead.” But only, you know, a little drowsy. Not exactly a model God.

  5. I was talking about Shiva. And I meant the vigour, the energy at this age. It would be sad to lose it. And even if you think up weird dreams, everyone just kind of encouraages you. so it’s nice that way.

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