Happy Late Father’s Day.

Coming in late is a good thing because it leaves an impression right? Anyway, happy Father’s day to my husband. He is a good dad, and since we are on vacation, he had to spend father’s day alone, but I hope he knows that we love him. He is a really incredible father. He has taught the kids how to do so many things and has shown them the value of working hard and following through with stuff (something I would have a hard time teaching them).

I think that often the value of fathers in general is not recognized in our society. There are some things that moms are really good at, but kids need the love and attention of a good dad. I’m lucky to have found a good man and a great role model for my kids.

Just a brief rant here, our society has a lot of issues with men and fathers. I think that if you are a single mom, you can do it, and you can raise wonderful children, and I admire your ability to handle whatever circumstances that have left you in that position. I also think that it is BS that fathers are made to look like idiots on many tv shows. It is crazy how difficult it can be for dads to be involved in their children’s lives after divorce. The legal system seems to be set up in favor of mothers, and although I think that motherhood is vitally important, there are some really bad moms out there. There are bad dads too, but the ratio has to be equal, but the system doesn’t treat it as such.

Dads are important and many of them are smart, resourceful, hard-working, and great role models, including my husband. They need to be recognized as such…not only on Father’s Day, but throughout the year, in the media and in the world outside of the box. I am thankful to be able to watch my kids interact with and learn from my husband. Their lives and mine are better for it.


I couldn’t decide whether I should write this or not, but then I thought “What’s the worst that could happen?” …Well, in theory, a lot of bad stuff could happen…from annoying a few people to our house catching on fire while I’m in here typing, but I can’t live my life in fear right? Actually, now that I think of it, a lot of people do live in fear and they seem to get by fine…sometimes living in fear could save your life. If you were in prison, or about to get killed or something fear might cause you to take precautions that non-fearing people might not take.

Regardless, I have overcome my apprehension and made the decision to write this post. Which of course is about making decisions.

Decision making has never been a strong point of mine. It probably started when I was a little kid trying to choose between types of candy…I have two beautiful and manipulative sisters who I’m sure capitalized on my indecisiveness by offering me a tiny bite of their candy in exchange for half of my own…it was only after I accepted their offers that I realized I would not be able to try my candy if I gave both halves to them. Since they didn’t want me to be sad, they would sell me back part of my candy bar if I would just do their chores for a week.

Okay, so that is not actually true, but I needed to have a good story and I couldn’t decide between Willy Wonka and Cinderella, so I combined the two. I do have two beautiful sisters, just not the other stuff (maybe I shouldn’t write that because someone might read it and try to steal my identity so they could find my sisters…).

Anyway, I have often gone into my room and walked back and forth between the closet and the door while I try to decide if I should bring a jacket or not. Dinner is also a nightmare because even if I know what I’m going to make, I try to have a back up meal plan just in case I change my mind. I’m glad that I am not the President (nuke, no nuke, nuke, etc.) or Santa Clause for that matter (he was definitely naughty, but that one day he was nice, no naughty overall, but…)

I just realized that this post wasn’t going anywhere so I’m going to delete it. Unless someone else is indecisive who might appreciate it. But overall, it is pretty dumb. Then again, they’ve made lots of movies about dumb people…

Parenting: Dog vs. Cat Children

Ok, I think it is about time that someone really analyzed this issue that I am sure every parent faces.

How to tell if your child is a cat or dog person. The following lists some of the definitive traits of each type of child.

Dog Children:

  • Loves to jump into your lap.
  • Needs plenty of time to play outside.
  • Occasionally has an “accident” outside of the designated toileting area.
  • Is always up for a game of catch.
  • Runs excitedly to the door each time the doorbell rings or someone knocks.
  • Chews on random objects.
  • Enjoys pats on the head when they perform well.
  • Is constantly trying to impress you with a new trick they have learned.
  • Stands near your chair and salivates as you eat the last bites of your ice cream.
  • Enjoys taking baths and runs around excitedly after each one.

Cat Children:

  • Would rather approach you about a subject than have you come to them.
  • Enjoys alone time and often wishes they were an only child.
  • Often jumps into your chair the moment you get up.
  • Loves to climb.
  • Sings/cries and walks slowly around your legs when you have a treat they want.
  • Lashes out and tries to appear larger when they feel cornered.
  • Covers/hides any mess that they make.
  • Uses body language to express things, because they don’t want to seem desperate.
  • Enjoys games when they perform surprise attacks on others.
  • Would rather bathe themselves than take an actual bath.

If you are a cat person parenting a dog child, or visa versa, do not panic…both types of children enjoy treats, understand changes is your tone of voice, and want your love. If you are having difficulties in your parenting, please contact your local PETA branch and ask for advice on dealing with certain situations.