Happy Late Father’s Day.

Coming in late is a good thing because it leaves an impression right? Anyway, happy Father’s day to my husband. He is a good dad, and since we are on vacation, he had to spend father’s day alone, but I hope he knows that we love him. He is a really incredible father. He has taught the kids how to do so many things and has shown them the value of working hard and following through with stuff (something I would have a hard time teaching them).

I think that often the value of fathers in general is not recognized in our society. There are some things that moms are really good at, but kids need the love and attention of a good dad. I’m lucky to have found a good man and a great role model for my kids.

Just a brief rant here, our society has a lot of issues with men and fathers. I think that if you are a single mom, you can do it, and you can raise wonderful children, and I admire your ability to handle whatever circumstances that have left you in that position. I also think that it is BS that fathers are made to look like idiots on many tv shows. It is crazy how difficult it can be for dads to be involved in their children’s lives after divorce. The legal system seems to be set up in favor of mothers, and although I think that motherhood is vitally important, there are some really bad moms out there. There are bad dads too, but the ratio has to be equal, but the system doesn’t treat it as such.

Dads are important and many of them are smart, resourceful, hard-working, and great role models, including my husband. They need to be recognized as such…not only on Father’s Day, but throughout the year, in the media and in the world outside of the box. I am thankful to be able to watch my kids interact with and learn from my husband. Their lives and mine are better for it.

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    • It is kind of a mixed feeling. I do miss him, but it is nice to spend time with my parents and I needed to get away from being online 24/7. I’m a bit of a WP addict. Anyway, he is a good dad and I think he needs to know that.

  1. I think you’re right that when divorce happens the father is likely the one that loses the most..In cases where he’s not a good father or person I can understand but I think that too often the ‘good’ father often is left out in the cold..and the children are the ones that lose the most…..Mothers ought to recognize that whenever possible the father should be part of her children’s lives. ….Diane

  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly Hobbles. I think in the case of divorce too often it is women who are trying to get back at the man who make decisions on behalf of the children which leave even the best fathers out in the cold. When my first husband & I decided to divorce I would not leave our home until we had an agreement where neither of us would bash the other one (he didn’t necessarily stick to it all the time, but he kept it in check somewhat). The day after I left the home he had visitation with our daughter. At first it was based on her soccer schedule because he was the assistant coach of her team, but the number of days a week he saw her stayed pretty consistent even if the days changed. In my eyes we needed to work together to raise our daughter. If his “day” was Wednesday, but his mother’s birthday fell on a Thursday & he wanted to have our daughter with him for a family dinner, he need only ask & I always gave permission. We shared Christmases & all other family holidays equally, so our daughter got to enjoy the traditions of 2 different families. He was a good father & he didn’t deserve to be left out in the cold just because we divorced.

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