This weekend’s Trifextra challenge is:

For the weekend challenge, we’re playing the ambiguity card again and leaving interpretation up to you.  Give us 33-333 words with this as your inspiration:
The world will end in three days.

Here is my entry:

The world will end in three days.

Why hope?

Why care?

Why feel?

Why try?

Why love?

Why grieve?

Why wonder why?

This life, sick game

A twisted mess

Gladly end the helplessness.


35 thoughts on “Trifextra:

        • Probably…hey PMAO? Thanks… for pushing why you should stay, for telling me to tone it down even though I didn’t listen, for coming back here even though I probably pissed you off.

          • I never stay mad at friends. I do blow up now and then, but it never lasts. I am sorry you were having trouble finding the real you in all the yous you put out there, if you see what I mean. It is easy to get caught up in the show. But this really is just all talk. Hang in there.

            • Honestly, I don’t really know if there is a real me. I feel like a combination of everything and nothing at the same time. I think I might be going crazy. In one of those insane artist/side-show freak kind of ways. It is weird.
              I started reading this book about how famous people died and where they are buried, and many writers/artists kill themselves. Do you ever wonder if people just get to a point where their thoughts outgrow their capacity to express them?
              Hmm, I am obviously in an overanalyzing mode, so I should probably only write OAA stuff now.

                • Yeah. The creative mind can be terrifying at times, but there is some good too. I think. Maybe. At least there can be a good result and some artists are happy.

                  • Doing art doesn’t make you unhappy. But a lot of art comes from deep within deep minds. Like comedy can stem from dark memories. Many painters and writers are releasing something from within themselves that comes from this darker side. Any writer that ever really moved you was tearing something from their soul. Think of songs about love and loss that make you want to cry. Or the blues. They were created through heartache.

  1. It’s interesting. We know that we’re going to die someday, yet if faced with a true “deadline”, we seem to dive into depression.

    Tell me, what did he do next?

  2. I like that you went dark with this. The end of the world, even if it’s just as we see it, should be dark. And I’m glad to see you back, you were missed. Be sure to come back Monday, we’ve got something new brewing.

  3. My response is weird — I got to the end and thought “oh YAY”. I’ll explain. I was worried, as I went through the “whys” that it was going to be all this awesome questioning following by something pithy to answer the why. Instead, the answer was every bit as bleak as the questions, and I was extremely pleased. (Hence the rather awkward cheer.)

    • Makes sense to me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I might occasionally change the direction and/or connotation of a piece, especially for plot-twist-that-you-didn’t-see-coming stuff, but typically I am pretty straight forward.

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