This is actually disturbing. You should probably not read.

The following is in response to the Trifecta writing challenge.

Everything would have been fine if she hadn’t started screaming. It wasn’t his fault anyway. He couldn’t choose who was going to throw themselves at him. What the hell was the matter with people anyway? There used to be a day when people had morals. Decency. Now it was easier to find a two-bit whore than a “virtuous woman”. Disgusting is what it is.

The funny thing is that no one seemed to give a damn. Sure their families might wonder, but that was more a ploy to get sympathy than anything else. Half the moms were just as cheap and the dads were the one’s providing the skimpy clothes they all wore. Pathetic really…

They were asking for it. He grabbed the corners of the sheet and lifted the evidence. Careful not to touch the body which was still slightly warm. What a waste. When are people going to realize how far down society had really come. People only care about themselves. They focus on their “silent” phones which seem to scream more loudly, even when the sound is off, then the real cries of their children. They leave their little darlings in the hands of people who would rather go outside and smoke a cigarette than do what they are supposedly “called” to do. It is sick.

He wouldn’t be able to completely get rid of the body until some of the heat had died down. No one even knew she was dead yet, so the shed would be just fine for a few hours. He could take her out to the river later that night. No one would suspect him. She had been beautiful. Long, blonde hair…dimples when she smiled. Too bad she was a tramp. He had seen it in her eyes. He knew she wanted him. Her dad had probably molested her. That is why she had been so desperate for it. Or maybe her mom had prostituted her out and she didn’t know any other way. Regardless, her life would have been over either way. At least she hadn’t suffered long with him.

He looked in the mirror and straightened his collar. He glanced at his watch. No one even wears these anymore…everyone does everything with their phone. Tool of the devil. Better stop thinking about it. There’s a job to do. He climbed into his sedan and turned the radio on. As he pulled up he saw that the news vans were already there talking to the parents. Bloodsuckers, always hungry for a story. Who cares how much it hurts someone. Here it goes.

“Thank God you’re here. I don’t know if we can do this. How could she have disappeared?”

Have faith…

“Excuse me, the Paulson’s have already been through enough. Please give them some space.”

Father Joshua is it true that you saw the child only yesterday? How could a 6-year-old be separated from the group? Isn’t this the 3rd disappearance among church members? Will your congregation be helping with the search efforts? Do you think she is still alive?

“Please! No further questions!” low-life vipers


44 thoughts on “This is actually disturbing. You should probably not read.

    • It is messed up. I can’t read it anymore. I reread all my posts lots…the overanalyzing thing, but this one I have had enough with.

    • Thanks? Hmmm, welll writen is nice, and all of us writers have a slightly sick mind right? Right? Please tell me I’m right… 😉

      • I suppose some cynical person might wonder where you gained the insight to to write about the innermost thoughts of the sickest of all minds. I choose to think its a product of a very creative imagination. Your were kind to not ask how would I know what goes on in such a sick mind. Thanks for your restraint.

        • lol, I know absolutely nothing about cynicism…or sarcasm…good point about the “takes one to know one”. Thank you for going with the creative imagination painting this horrible picture. There is enough truth in it to be relatable, but I honestly hope no one relates too much to the truly dark parts.

    • Thanks. I think. The weird thing is that people who are so sick minded really do talk themselves into thinking their actions are just a result of someone else’s behavior…even if it is an innocent victim.

  1. Your first line was perfect. It really hooked me and made me eager to move my eyes down the page to see what would happen. I thought maybe he would be a cop, but didn’t see the priest bit coming. Nice work.
    Thanks for joining in the fun on this special challenge. We hope to see more of your work in the weekly challenges.

  2. You tempt me to write some of my really dark stuff . . . dark as hell and as scary as a nightmare.

    Good tale, BTW – and all too common. The murderer’s often follow the trails of their victims, smugly taking satisfaction from the looks of horror and sorrow around them, thinking:
    “I did that!”
    and feeling so powerful in some ways.
    Like a God sometimes.
    ’nuff said.

      • Agreed. And it’s something I have to watch for in myself, too. Because I have some pretty bad alters. Just “not right” for this society (built for an apocalypse and war). They were for something else; another world – and using children as tools. 😦 Not the kind of thing I like in my head, but what are ‘we’ to do? We just be kind to them – and keep ‘them’ in their own ‘worlds’.

        Scary stuff indeed.

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