This one’s for the ladies

I recently made a “Girls Only” private blog. I am only inviting/allowing followers who I am very familiar with. If you do not receive an invitation, but feel like I know you enough to know you’re a girl, and hopefully a fun one, send me an email to to request access. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “This one’s for the ladies

  1. annoyingly I can’t reply via the orange notification bar thingie, I have to open the blog each time? And no cream or sugar thanks, just you sweet talking me awake will suffice

    • I can’t respond with the orange thing on my phone. It sucks. That is the easy way. I can sweet talk you awake any time. Except due to the time difference, we don’t usually see each other around wake up time. Let me know and I will start a “hell yeah, she’s awake” alarm. 😉

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