OAA: Week 9

If you don’t know what OAA is, get off my blog.  Just joking…overanalyzers can joke occasionally too (we just worry about it later). It stands for Over-Analyzer Anonymous, and to get the most out of this post, you should really read the whole series in the OAA category.

Bob: Hello everyone. As I mentioned last time, we are going to try moving past the “getting to know you” stage and into the “getting to change you” stage. This is a meeting designed to help you manage your overanalyzing tendencies better. Learning to use those very traits that inhibit you now. Overanalyzers can be powerful people too!

Bill: What the hell is that supposed to mean!

Jill: Shut up Bill! He is just trying to help you freaks.

Sue: He thinks I’m a freak? I didn’t mean to act weird. I like coming here, but if I am a freak maybe I shouldn’t come anymore.

Jack: Hold on Sue, I think that Bob knows that you all are just struggling with a psychological problem that was probably brought on by some traumatic experience when you were a child. I know that is the case for Jill and Bill. They haven’t come out and said it, but we all know Jill probably killed their parents and made it look like some weird alien war, which has freaked Bill out ever since. It isn’t something that you guys can control. I am pretty sure that Joe’s was brought on by that time that everyone found out that even though he was tall for a Chinese guy, he doesn’t have a…nevermind. My point is, Bob just doesn’t really know the best way to talk to overanalyzers without freaking them out, but he still cares. I’m sure he can see how much you like him. He wants to help you…

Bob: Thanks Jack, but let’s not over think other people’s problems okay? All I am saying is that we are ready to take steps to becoming the people that we truly want to become. Don’t you all agree?

Bill: You are the one with a problem. Just because some of us know what is really going on in the world doesn’t mean we overanalyze it. When did this thing become about overanalyzing anyway? I thought it was the Over-throwing Alien Attacks support group.

Jill: I’m not going to even touch on that statement Bill. I never killed anyone, and I will do whatever is needed to silence those ideas if you catch my drift Jack…

Sue: So, you sure you aren’t mad at us Bob? Because you have this vein that starts throbbing on your forehead when you get angry, and it is throbbing now. Unless that is just what happens when you get excited or shy or whatever. It is kind of cute I guess.

Joe: (Phone beeps) Holy shit! I got a real text! Oh, it’s my mom…

Jack: Jill, I don’t care what you have done. I don’t judge people, I have some problems too, like just this morning I couldn’t find matching socks. It is the darndest thing. I knew I put them away by matching them up, just like I do every day. Well, every day I do laundry, which is actually about every third day. Unless I’m…

Door swings open – Jerry stumbles in, wine in one hand, a handgun in the other –

Jerry: Nobody move or say one word. This place is surrounded by fecal matter and my friend, who’s outside with my cart, will light that shit on fire if I give the signal. I have some things I want to say to you wackos…


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    • OAA on my blog is the only thing that works better if you read it in order. You see the characters develop. I’m glad you can relate but I’m sorry too. 😉

  1. You know, I find these stupidly interesting and yet I have sudden urges to punch the computer screen.

    Now what do you make of that?

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