This weekend’s Trifextra is to write the beginning of a novel in 33 words.


They couldn’t understand his final words.

“I don’t know how it happened. I didn’t mean to hurt him.”

“Calm down. It will be okay.”

Little did they know, it wasn’t her first time.

30 thoughts on “Trifextra

  1. Intriguing! Makes you wonder what wasn’t her first time and how had she hurt him and of course what happened. Great job!

  2. He’s dying. He didn’t mean to hurt the other guy and it wasn’t the woman’s first time. This sounds like a menage a trois, gone very badly, but who knows? I would like to read more.

  3. Oooo. Creepy! I like it. I love a sinister female character. Particularly one lingering by a deathbed. Thanks for linking up with this. Hope to see you back soon.

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