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A few months ago I asked you to suggest topics for me to use with the Trifecta Writing Challenges each week. I would like to start that again. Please give me some topic ideas that I can use. They can be as crazy as you want them to be. If I get enough today, then I will use one with whichever prompt Trifecta comes up with tomorrow, If I don’t get that many suggestions and votes for which one to choose tonight, then I will use whatever topic you pick for the weekend. Does that make sense? I am worried I am OAW again.

Basically, please give me some suggestions for stuff to write about. Thanks!


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  1. I was going to suggest something, but I won’t, because you must write about toenails. Well, you don’t have to, I guess, but you should. Maybe. All I’m saying is that it’d be interesting. Not trying to pressure you into anything here. Yes I am.

  2. I too am having trouble finding topics to write about or at least topics that I feel comfortable sharing with the world! 🙂

    Right now I am trying to find my old writing which I thought I had backed up when my computer was last redone. So far I have not found them on my usb drives. Most of them I would not post on my blog as they are not something I want the world to know for sure LOL! Or at least on this blog. They would need a blog of their own so to speak. But I spent a lot of time and manic energy on their creation and I want them back.

    Here’s a topic – mold. I have a mold allergy and I think it is dragging me down right now. I may need to break down and see a doctor about it. Ugh! I just found mold around my ac unit as it seems the water was leaking in rather than dripping outside. It eventually turned to mold and I have to clean it up now, rather than later which is my norm, but if it is what is causing my latest symptoms I need to get rid of it post haste.

    • I’m so sorry Tessa. You have a lot of things that make your life hell. Good luck with the mold. Maybe you could write a mold horror story later. 😉

      • Thank you! A mold horror story, not such a bad idea LOL! I am like Stephen King I dream a lot of horror that I could use in stories. Well you have my thought processes whirling again. I am a big horror fan. 🙂

        • I will keep it under advisement. I would have to research mold a bit also to get a more working knowledge of it. It is nasty stuff especially that black mold.

        • Besides my allergy to it, I have seen that black mold in houses and it is really gross. I know they say that stuff is really nasty. I need to research it just to see if that would explain the current symptoms and worsening of my asthma.

          • I bet it would. I have seen a few reality shows (hoarders, extreme makeover home edition, etc) where it is a problem. It can cause a lot of breathing problems. You should really research it.

        • I just did a quick research and yes mold allergy can worsen asthma and I have all the listed symptoms. Great! I don’t need this now. I don’t have insurance. I need to get my butt in gear and finish my charity care application at the hospital and hope she was right when she said they have drs available and see if I can get this checked out. I did call the woman for an appt as she told me to do and I left a message, but no return call. I wonder if she is on vacation. The more I read the more I am worrying. It can cause infections, pneumonia, etc. I tried to clean the area as well as I can, but it could be in the unit itself and in the walls from when it was dripping down and for that matter in the carpet. I will have to try and call her again tomorrow.

  3. Good sources: “News of the Weird”. And there are some writing sites that give you random ‘stuff’ you can work on/with/for/inside out.

    The fly’s knees. The bee’s snout. There’s a lot of things
    you can write about.

    good enuff for a laff right now. Tho’ my back aches too much to give one.
    (Percocet, here I come!)

    • Those are some good ideas Jeff. It is fun to try different things and ways of putting words together. I really think it helps my writing a lot when things are out of my control.

      • By saying “when things are out of my control” You imply you are in control sometimes, LOL!!!! Lucky you! I kinda just let loose and let it all hang out. Well, not ALL of it – I do keep just enough tucked away to be socially polite, LOL! But an awesome thought . . . being in control, that is . . .

        reminds me of a story I’ve never written – about a God who is an author and the poor poor soul who is directed by him . . . and keeps fussing about the quality of writing . ..

        • That is funny. Okay, good point about control. I never have it. Have you seen that daffy duck cartoon where the animator is drawing him. He erases parts and stuff, it’s my favorite loony-toon’s thing. Show it to little Micheal sometime. He’ll like it.

          • We do know that cartoon and love it. The fight between animator and animation. Really kewl and it’s fun and makes you think, too!

            PS – Hey, I would type some more, my “littles” send hugs, and are giggling and good. (they are remembering an incident this morning).
            Have I ever told you about the “Smallville” thing and ‘them’ getting me up for the past few months – at Oh-Gawd four o’clock (am?). “They” messed up on making my coffee this morning; left the pot on the counter and of course all the coffee and grounds ran out . . . all over the counter. And I thought: “jeez, I need a cuppa coffee to make a cuppa coffee” . . . which just reminds me of the ‘control’ thing, LOL.

            anyway, my ‘kids’ are in a good mood – nothing cheers them up like remembering about some of our Scouting events . . . and writing about some was a good deal. Just means they are ‘up and about’ at this time – it is hard typing and I wish for autocorrect, LOL, but I reckon I’ll make do till I’m done.

            Until later, Hobbles, and our little ones say “Hi!” (with bright smiles.)

  4. Dreams would be a good topic. And aliens… and accountants… chesse, tidal waves, Dick Cheney, ninjas, mustaches, bananas, oh, and monkeys… I like monkeys… what about babies…

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