My husband wrote this.

My husband H.H. (Hobbler’s Husband) Wrote this. I think he should start a blog for his writing. What do you think?

He just told me he saw it in a dream. The words on the computer screen. So he woke up and typed it. He thought it wouldn’t make sense to other people. How lucky right? I want to dream of words…

Falling asleep a knock at the door
Hurry to answer it
There’s a man, you know the one
The one from the dreams
Do you let him in


59 thoughts on “My husband wrote this.

    • He doesn’t write much at all.

      Anyway, I’m glad you like it. I’m still hung up on the fact he dreamed these words on a computer screen. I want word dreams! He has to write now though. Harry Potter, Twilight, tons of Steven King, Frankenstein, and many other great literary works involved dreams by their author.

      • Yes, perhaps they involved dreams, but dreaming specific words is very rare. In fact many believe that words cannot be deciphered within dreams. So much for their theories huh?

  1. I will follow. I do not blog ( yet). I read so much great stuff that is Freeing in and of itself. I learn and I ponder and I Laugh/cry and I learn to ponder the laughter and the tears., This is one of those. (not the tears part) HH I am waiting to suscribe… πŸ™‚ A fan from Alabama

    • It is weird that he just dreamed the words. He said that he just saw it appear like someone was just typing on the computer. I wish I could dream of words.

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