I feel like writing, but I don’t really have anything in particular to write about. I guess I should go work on my book but, what? Yeah I know it will never get done if I spend all my writing time over here. Yes…I know I write this blog for free. Okay! I’ll work on the damn book.

Sorry everyone. My conscience has the most annoying voice ever and it will never shut up if I’m over here. Bye.


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  1. “Yeah I know it will never get done if I spend all my writing time over here.”
    So true! We still have part 2 of “The Boy” to knock out (it’s about 75% done) – but haven’t written but a few hundred words this year. Not going to make my dead line if I don’t!

    So write, write, write – but as you may have noticed – I take some ‘breaks’ from ‘here’. Latest was to go down a river without a paddle (wink!) . . . and I’m being quite literal there. LOL!

    • You can do it Jeff! The Boy 2 is calling. When is your deadline?

      Going down the river with no paddle sounds like fun! Good way to get out of your head for a little while right?

      • LOL, yes, the boy is calling loud and clear. Deadline is by end of this year.

        Was good to be the old man instead. Was with a small group I did not lead. Talk about a case of piss poor planning (P3). Was with daughter, grandsons, my son (Stepson) and daughter’s boyfriend. On tubes. Saluda river. Columbia SC. We hadn’t a clue. Neither did she. No one knew where to get off the river. Figured worse case we’d have to hoof it through woods. Didn’t help our driver at the pickup point (see again that “hadn’t a clue where to get out”) locked his keys to that car in a pickup truck at the dropOFF location . . .
        Cost me 20 bucks to get someone to our location and pick us up. Well worth it at 3 dollars a head. Beat walking five or six miles in wet clothes and shoes.

        I did mention something about piss poor planning, didn’t I? LOL. My daughter has some anger issues; but SHE was the one ‘in control’ and arranging things. Turns out she didn’t do her homework, which was fine by me.

        Like I told them as we were drifting through the woods . . . it ain’t an adventure if you know what you’re doing. But they relied on me for my river knowledge and pigeon sense of direction.

        I kept myself in a happy mood and so did all the others, except my daughter and her boyfriend (who she blames for a lot of things).

        She is a good case in point of how genetics plays a key towards behavior and emotion. She has my mother’s blood type (O+) – which neither my wife or I have. I knew right then when the doctor told me (at her birth) that this was probably going to be my mom reincarnated.

        It has held true to a great degree, despite my attempts to defuse her anger and steady herself.

        It’s all in the genes sometimes, I am thinking.

        Until later, Hobbsie. Have great fun! Even you could go tubing I think. Despite your ‘disability’. (which I just look at as someone being different – which is okay by me).

        • I’m glad that you had a good time. Sorry to hear about your daughter though. Maybe it will be okay. She has your genes too, so maybe she will learn how to take the bad stuff and the problems and use them to help others.

          I went tubing at a water park, it is fun, but I don’t know if I would want to do a large river. If I fell off the tube, or through it I couldn’t swim. I might be able to float a bit. I am a little scared of water though. especially deep water. I never was very good at swimming, even when I could walk.

          • We were required to wear life jackets; you’d bob like a cork. And in most places the river was only hip deep on me (6 foot). But I can understand the fear. However, most people float (something I learned when I went for my Red Cross Adv. Lifeguard Certification – I was a busy young boy.) However, doing something that has ‘fear’ in it for you may not be good, I reckon. However, with a large group – the river was slow (1-2 mph) . . . and a large cooler full of Margaritas . . . 😀

  2. Too often – more than not – I’ve had those feelings. My problem is that I don’t see anyone or get out enough to write about what I hear or see / experience. Writing when I was soooooooo in love came easy with the poetry – and even the pain of losing my brothers – but now ….. I might as well be in another world! Hope you get to writing …maybe it will help be get back in the swing! (or not) … HUGS.

    • Thanks. I have been writing a bit more lately. It seems that if I try to write at least something every day, it helps for the next day, but there have definitely been many dry spells.

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