Suggestions Please

If you have any normal, crazy, how-on-earth-does-anyone-think-about-that, gruesome, or other types of suggestions for Monday’s Trifecta prompt, please give them in the comments here. If I get a lot, I will make a poll with them, and you all can vote on which I should do. Thanks for your help!



18 thoughts on “Suggestions Please

    • Thank you Bob. You all must be thinking that I need a little challenge or something. The suggestions for this one are going to be tough. I’ll make a poll with them all either tonight, or tomorrow morning.

  1. I don’t write for the trifectas – I have so much writing to do anyway (helping other survivors, & persons with DID, plus my own blog, and a novel plodding along) . . . LOL. But I’m willing to contribute ideas. ‘We’ have a *very* visual imagination, plus a ‘streak of creativity’.
    dust pans, reflective paint, . . . dinosaur chickens? (chickens ARE, after all, dinosaurs evolved, technically speaking) . . .
    how ’bout throwing in the phrase “dust mice” along with it . . . (I’m envisioning something alive) . . . and a lesson to go along with it.

    Should be interesting to see what ya’ll come up with on this one… 😀

  2. C-sections… slaughter houses… proctologists… the lady who waxes Dick Cheney’s back hairs… ear wax statues… people who stamp grapes with their feet still… warts… anyone who marries Dick Cheney… public mens rooms… McRibs… clamato juice… any kind of heat rash… how do porcupines mate???

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