My Husband’s New Blog

My husband finally made a blog! Technically, I made it for him, but who cares about the details right? So, go check it out at: There is not a lot of content yet. I, umm, he just set it up. 😉


4 thoughts on “My Husband’s New Blog

    • It’s a good way to get stuff out, but I don’t know how much he’ll write. Sometimes he gets on my blog and comments. He puts “H.H.” before the things he says, but if he can use his own id it will be better.

      • Genius! Mine wanted to start a blog, he wanted to be a critic of games (whatever floats his boat i suppose) but he just doesnt have the patience to sit down and type stuff. He happily “dictates” (shouts) his thoughts and feelings to me from across the room but never actually started blogging. Maybe if i started one on his behalf, he could take the momentum? :s hmmmm

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