To my husband (5)

You thought I forgot huh. Well, I didn’t. I just had to write the Trifecta. Not that it is more important…anyway, I should go back to sleep, so night. Love you.

Love, Hobbler


9 thoughts on “To my husband (5)

  1. Sometimes short is better! 🙂 You get right to the point immediately.

    Not sure I am going to have an entry for Trifecta this week or any of the other prompts I usually write…my creativity is hovering in the inappropriate for the general public phase LOL! Which means can’t be veiwed by family and friends who have access to my blog. Which reminds me that I have to be way more careful on backing up my computer files. I have just learned that I seem to have lost all of my past writing. A friend gave me a new refurbished computer. I have had several of them from him to be exact and even though I backed up the files he was always able to just transfer the hard drive over, well this last time the old drive was corrupted and we didn’t know and I obviously for some reason did not back up my files again. I can’t find those files and even though those writings aren’t for the general public I lost all of my work from my crazy, manic writing fests.

    Sorry got side-tracked LOL! I think the posts to hubby are very nice.

    • Yeah, my teen has asked several times for the blog address, and even though most stuff here is okay, sometimes I wish that no one other than my husband knew I even had a blog. Maybe you should start another for your other writings.

      As far as backing up stuff, I need to do that as well. There are online backup storage places that I’ve thought about. That way, even if the computer gets hacked or destroyed or whatever, the important stuff is still there.

      • When I created this current blog for my writing that was all it was going to be for and I have given the address to family, friends and even posted it to my FaceBook page. Therefore I have to be very careful in what I post there. I lose control of myself while manic and that is where I am right now.

        My therapist just expressed a concern since I have finally started to open up to him and he wants me to try and find a medication that will work again. He is going through the application process for Medicare and hopefully will have it by the time I am eligible in January. I told him that I would have to find a new psychiatrist as I will not go back to the one I was seeing just recently. He agreed and then told me that his office now has someone that is able to prescribe and monitor meds so I wouldn’t have to go elsewhere.

        I know he has my concerns in mind and that there are many people who think I should be medicated, but the horrors I have already gone through make me very afraid to try it again. There aren’t a whole lot of medications out there that I haven’t tried. However I also know that I really should be medicated as I have been fooling myself that I am ok.

        I have thought about another blog for those other writings. Of course unless I can find them I would have to start writing them from scratch and I really shouldn’t be pursuing those interests. 🙂 But even if I keep them to myself and a selected few, they represent a huge part of me and my past and I want them back if at all possible.

        Sure brought home the folly of not backing up frequently. Going to see if I can work on the prompts because I think they help me stay on track and I need the structure and (my mind just went completely blank and I can’t find the words I need to express where I was going with this).

        • Yeah, medications are a good horror. Sometimes it is hard to know if the side effects are worth the meds, but when you need them, you need them.

          Trifecta prompts are good for me too. They do help to keep writing focussed on writing. They are a good way to stretch your writing too.

          I’m sure you’ll get back on track soon.

        • I think the word I wanted earlier was deadlines. The deadlines are good for me. As they get closer I tend to be better focused. I still have time so I might still be able to pull it together and come up with something. I am a lifelong procrastinator and I always was up all the night before the due date writing my term papers. Nothing has changed even though I am no longer in school. Last week’s prompt was finished with less than half an hour to the deadline LOL!

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