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I Didn't Ask For This

To start with I want to make clear I believe both sexes should have equal rights and treated as such…equal.

I am having a difficult time with some of the laws in this great country. I have a friends (I’m friends with them both) that are going through a divorce and to say the least they are not being treated equal.

What’s at stake 19.5 years, 3 kids, home on 20ac. (redneck paradise). What caused the divorce, she cheated. Yep slept with one of “their” friends. She withdrew their life savings and hid it.

Ok, some history both have been good people up till 6mo ago.
Her: stay at home mom, personal trainer (got to keep earnings for self), spent enough for a master’s degree (always quit due to poor grades).
Him: worked his way into 100+K job works 40hrs week, coaches/manages MMA fighters, easy-going non jealous type, puts family…

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