To my husband (7)

You’re not asleep now. You’re a little busy at the moment, and I don’t want to distract you. I’ll schedule this to post later.

Sometimes I think we both feel a little alone. That’s life right? Anyway, even when I feel like I don’t have anyone, I know I do. The people who read my blog. 😉


Love, Hobbler


14 thoughts on “To my husband (7)

    • Now…and it’s good for you to read it. There’s so much about me that you don’t know. I suppose you could say the same thing, but this…writing…even the silly stuff, is a window into the parts of me I usually close off.

      That said, I do have a weird bond with my readers. It is good for you to be a part of that, when you aren’t busy with other forms of entertainment.

    • Sometimes it is just a joke, but there are some times when it’s much more. Writing is a good way to get some of the feelings out, but blogging, in particular, is really good for that very reason.

    • Both. He is my husband, but he was driving me crazy because he didn’t have his own blog, so I made him one, the “She drives me crazy” one. When I made it, I had Hobbler’s Husband as his gravatar name, but he whined about it, so I changed it so he could go to other blogs and pretend he wasn’t married. 😉 Although the blog address still has Hobbler’s Husband…

      On a different note, I miss you.

    • There is something magical about writing. It has a way of bringing the deepest parts of the soul to the surface. Okay, so that is a little bs, but it sounds philosophical. It is sometimes true…

      What is a hide and seek game? Marriage? 😉

  1. LOL, I was just remembering seeing a TV show where the spouses were back to back . . . texting each other in chat where they could have just turned around and spoke . . .

    They said they felt more comfortable talking to one another that way . . .
    (perhaps because you don’t have to look them in the eyes?)
    Don’t know, but I do know people are sometimes more honest on here than they are in real life: face to face kind of thing.
    Just a curious and interesting point to the Social Scientists in ‘here’. (our DID – Hobs, you might need to explain – no offenses given . . . just an interesting point with no emotional context or ‘things’ (morals, values, judgements, I mean).

    Jeff, et all, minus ‘attitude (our M3 has been ‘misbehaving’ like a grumpy old man, LOL. Nothing a cuppa coffee and some MJ won’t fix, LOL! <- the Teen)

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