Tomorrow’s Trifecta and My Husband’s a Cheater

Well, your votes were heard. Clamato juice was the winner of the poll. So, that sucks, and in other news of things that suck, my husband is a cheater. I know…it is devastating news, especially when you are as wonderful as I am. To imagine that someone I love would do that…it’s heartbreaking.

What would make him vote twice? For clamato juice of all things. I think I’m still in shock.

Anyway, if he hadn’t cheated by voting for clamato juice two times, it would have been a 3-way tie between clamato juice, McRibs, and ‘how do porcupines mate’. So I guess maybe it is good that he cheated after all…

32 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Trifecta and My Husband’s a Cheater

  1. So, let me get this straight. It’s a good thing and I’m actually helping you if I cheat? Wish I would have known that years ago. No worries I’ll start helping you every chance I get. 😉

  2. Sorry, no can do I’m headed to the gym but I will keep an eye out for a little helper tho.

    • Yeah…I’m going to look for someone who can do some handyman stuff around the house. We can find some great helpers. We’ll have plenty of time to..,umm, read

  3. Ouch! That hurt! Reading, no way! I’ve learned my lesson. I give up…I’ll do whatever it takes…um…let’s see, what can I do, I got it! I vow never to help again.

    • Shut up. Go find your cheatee. I’m going to write a freaking bedtime story about a pissed off girl with a broken heart. Yeah, so there. You won’t even get part of the royalties.

  4. Wait, you know a pissed off girl with a heart? Ain’t no such critter. Besides I was just trying to help.

  5. That’s kinda creepy how you merged everything there. I want to give you an award for that, but–unfortunately–I’m not a blogger.

  6. I don’t know what happened, but I can’t comment anymore in our line of the conversation. So why am I not a blogger?

    Well once upon a time two awesome people were thinking of starting a blog together. One of the more awesomer person knew her friend wouldn’t use the blog so much as her, so they kept thinking and thinking. And thinking. And as they kept thinking, the more awesomer gal’s sister made a joint blog with her super-awesome friend with the same name. And then the sister broke the news. The two awesome gals at the start of the story thought that they couldn’t make a joint blog now, ‘cuz that would seem like copying. And all awesome people know that nobody likes copycats. And then the sister got angry because two of her classmates cheated them and made their own blogs individually! That reinforced the idea that they shouldn’t make a blog right now.


    P.S. The sister was eventually told about this, and she said that the awesome people could have gone ahead and made the blog, but their keenness had disappeared so there!

    P.P.S. I am feeling so happy I could die! Thus, the overuse of the word awesome.

    P.P.P.S. Generally, I am reeeeaaaaaly good writer.

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