I stumbled across this blog, It is geared more toward the ladies, and she is just starting out, but I thought this was cute wordplay.


Every women needs a dictionary right? I mean a dick-tionary. How else are we supposed to know when our husband is…well, being a dick?


Dick – Man who employs some or all of the following terms on a regular basis.

Dick-ed off – The mental condition of an outraged husband. This condition can result in verbal, emotional, or physical abuse; so be careful girls.

Chick-dick – Chick-dicks have a compulsion to use your makeup and may occasionally dress in your clothes. This is very distinct from being a homosexual. Men who fall into this category often lead regular lives with little to know outer expression of their inner desires. They could wear women’s underwear, but they may be happily married, with no other unusual tendencies.

Stick-dick – Often preoccupied with nutrition, these men are careful to remind you of the proper way to maintain a “healthy” body weight. They…

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