To My Husband: 1st date truth

First of all, I am a little offended that you all didn’t think I went to a strip club on our first date. What, I’m not good enough to frequent strip clubs? What a bunch of judgmental bloggers…

Anyway, you were right, no drunken strip club that night.

In the interest of not boring anyone, how long do you think we dated before I was diagnosed with MS?

33 thoughts on “To My Husband: 1st date truth

  1. Hmm. I’m guessing you were already diagnosed. I’m only guessing that b/c I don’t really think that, but my real thoughts are never right. So, I don’t know if a guess is a real thought, but I’m going to stop babbling now…

  2. woo-hoo! (little victory dance around campfire . . . bunch of Indians, LOL. My \”little ones\” – for guessing right). Hubby\’s blog gave it away, 2nd page, halfway down (that\’s when I answered). MMA fans, huh? I\’m standing back, keep my distance, and I know I can\’t outrun an electric chair . . . in more ways than one, LOL!! (Damn those double symbols/meanings, LOL! …. sighing, frustrated multiple. \”Does EVERYTHING have to have double & triple meanings, guys? Like come ON . . .!\” (sighhhh). Rolling of eyes.

    Read the comments, but, alas, was held back from \”assuming\” (strange lessons in history). Good man! Face the wind, full steam ahead, damn the bullets in life – you\’re going for it kinda attitude . . . LOL, what\’s love got to do with it? (wink – just love that phrase from the song). Did the same sort of thing, \’cept I was facing 3 kids and a divorced mom, LOL. And \”she\” knew \’some\’ – all I knew, anyway – about \’me\’ cuz\’ \’we\’ wrote her a book after our engagement (she said \”YES!\” even though we caught her TOTALLY by surprise with NO hesitation which made ME hesitate some, LOL!!!) At least she knew: we had a hard childhood and stuff. Came with baggage, so to speak. But so did she. And we embraced each others baggage and have been helping (or trying to help) the other carry their load as well.

    Strong shoulders, that one. I guess there\’s a reason for those women\’s pads in shirts.

    Well, until later, as you can tell we\’re a bit okay and having some fun online. And \”woo-hoo!\” once again for \’doing our research\’ and \’buckling down\’ before spouting off an answer to that contest.

    Ya\’ll have fun. U 2 Do everything I would do and then some (wink-wink, LOL). A few kisses & hugs might start it. (okay . . . wink – we\’re outta here.) Leave you two lovebirds alone . . . (ok, go get a room right here . . . yeah, go on, do it. … you know you wanna . .. . LOL\’ing!!!)

    • Funny stuff, and yeah, beautiful the story of you and your wife dealing with your “baggage” and making it work. Sounds like you are feeling pretty good, and having fun. I’m impressed that you figured it out, although you did help others figure it out too. It is all good though. That was a fun way to add a little something to the husband posts.

      Until later Jeff, and friends. 😉

  3. Strip clubs can be a lot of fun. Your body may have MS,your mind does not. Good for Mr.HH. Way to many stories out there of men leaving women when sickness of any sort comes into play.(weak little weasles) Have a good day ya’ll 🙂 Oh I got a word press thingy going and it changed my name This is still your gal from T-town Alabama. You know the one waiting for a Love Letter 😉

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