Next week’s Trifecta…

Okay, I need your help. I would like to see how I would do with an “Out Of My Mind” trifecta.

I need a:

main character (policeman, alien, cow, etc.))

setting (mars, kingdom, forest, etc.)

type (poem, sci fi, essay, etc.)

Maybe a random word to throw in there, but I already think I am losing it to ask for these things.

Anyway, to make it more interesting, I would like to get each suggestion from different people. Whatever person suggests something first, in each area, will be the one I use, or try to use. If it is impossible, I’ll say nevermind, and just do Trifecta’s idea. Okay?

34 thoughts on “Next week’s Trifecta…

    • Character and setting were already chosen. Poem it will be. We have a garden boy in a merchant ship’s galley as a poem. Piece of cake…oh yeah, and whatever Trifecta chooses and if someone asks for some random word to be thrown in. Sigh…

  1. All of my ideas were thrown off course by great comments, heck; random word of “ice or curtains??? ( ps this is so much Fun, thank you for letting me/us Play) Can’t wait 🙂

  2. Well I see I am too late….story of my life. I just barely got my Trifecta piece in before the link closed, but I did do one this week. You are braver than me. I would never let others choose what I wrote. Though then again maybe it would be easier than trying to come up with something myself. Good luck!

      • well, I forgot my great ideas.

        P.S. I just started writing a story which starts with, “Falling from the sky is not pretty. Especially when you fell from a height of two thousand and five hundred meters.” People look at me like crazy when they read those two lines. It’s been heaven! *blissful*

  3. Well too bad I missed this, because if there is one thing I am good at it is random words. Schnizzlebisquits…
    So a poem about a garden boy (?) in a merchantship’s galley. You go, girl.

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