Bedtime Stories: Jack and the Magic Beans

Once upon a time there was a young boy named Jack. He lived with his mother in a small village. Unfortunately, Jack and his mother were very poor.

One day Jack’s mom told him to take their scrawny cow to town and to trade it for some food. Jack was an obedient boy, and even though the cow was his friend, he wanted to honor his Mother’s wishes, and they did need some food, so with a heavy heart, he left for town.

On the way there he met a little man, who told him that he would give Jack magic beans in exchange for the cow. The man said that if Jack took the magic beans and ran some water over them, that they would make him more money than he had ever seen.

Jack didn’t really feel like walking all the way to town, so he said “sure” and made the trade.

As he started going back to his house, he realized what an idiot he had been to believe a stranger and trade his cow. His only hope was that the beans really were magic. He ran to the river and let the water run over the tin cup which held the beans. The beans didn’t jump, or talk, or any other magic thing.

Feeling hopeless, he returned home with the gross looking bean water. When his mom saw it and heard the story, she was so mad that she threw the beans and even the cup into the fire. She then started crying as the cup of bean water steamed. It was only a minute or two before a strange smell started wafting from the fireplace.

She fished the cup out of the fire and took a slow sip. It was wonderful. She felt so alive! She knew then that the beans truly were magic, and she hugged her son. Then they stayed up all night planning their marketing strategies and lived rich and happily ever after.

And now you know how coffee was invented.

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26 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories: Jack and the Magic Beans

  1. Yay for coffee! Now I know the whole truth(and nothing but the truth) about one of my favorite beans. You are a Funny Crazy Happy, in a Good Way Gal:) Thank You for my sleepy time story . Goose Good Night from T-town Alabama…. or ducks or insects or????

  2. LOL, and I was hoping for cocoa beans . . . with some kind of sinister end. America: the caffientated Nation – might explain a few things. Caffiene is in just about everything nowadays. (musing): I wonder if that ties into the well publisized American sleep disorder, sleep deprivation? Perhaps we need to put the coffee down and go for naps instead! I think the Mexicans had it right with their idea of a siesta. :) Boosts productivity & safety, too (Studies have shown.). Need more useless information? I’m your ‘man’, LOL. (just don’t ask for directions, because I have none. A ‘man joke’, ya know . . . :)

    • You can be my “phone a friend” if I ever go on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. You may be right about the caffeine thing. It does seem like everyone is having a hard time sleeping…

      • LOL, I’d be lousy at phone-a-friend – or any quiz show! since while tech / science info sticks REAL:well (for years, decades!) – names don’t. I’m sure not the type that makes famous people famous, if you know what I mean. Ditto the names to songs & books, as well as their authors (for the most part). I guess ‘we’ see the information as important while the people who created it aren’t. After all: Truth endures – people don’t. Just guessing at the locks in my mind, LOL! But it is frustrating. I still don’t know the names of all the Beatles, and just a handful of their songs …. but wanna talk quantum physics or animal behavior? Then I’m your man. (Remember that when you make that call,LOL!) And yes, us hardworking Americans ARE ‘hard working’ with the world’s highest GDP – and one of the lowest vacation rates in the World. (You should see West Germany – I swear those folks have a holiday before they have a holiday (for practice) – and then a post-hoiday to celebrate they were off!)

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