Trifextra: Blood Sucker

Trifextra: On to this weekend’s challenge, which will be judged by the community.  The trickiness of this past week’s prompt has us thinking about the various ways we use words.  This weekend we want you to write a 33-word response using the name of an animal as a verb.  Some examples are: to dog, to snake, to bear, to duck. . .you get the idea.  Write about anything you want and use whichever verb tense you need, but give us an animal as a verb in there somewhere.  Let’s see if we can discover new things by looking from a different perspective.

I don’t know if insects count, but anyway…

You’d better watch out for her. She will mosquito around with your friends, sucking them dry, and leaving them hurt and bleeding. Probably with some disease too. Just like she’ll do with you.

36 thoughts on “Trifextra: Blood Sucker

  1. Excellent write! I’m glad I didn’t read before writing, as I used mosquito, as well, and I may have shied away from it. This is strong. I can picture it precisely. 🙂

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