Intellectual property

Ha! I suckered him into it. Actually I didn’t know he wrote it until now, and I’m reblogging to show how sweet he is, not how great I am, although that applies.

Kidding! I’m actually not as conceited as I pretend on my blog.

I Didn't Ask For This

Have you ever wondered what the words Intelectual property really means? In essence intellect is smarts and property is something you own or belongs to you.

The reason I bring this question here is I have never given this much thought, until recently. What brought this to my attention is reading my wife The Hobbler‘s work. She writes the most incredibly funny, dark, meaningful and last but certainly not least intelligent stuff. If you read her (you should) you know what I mean.

It is impressive to see the process from start to finish. How does she do it? How is it possible to be that creative, talented…well, that damn smart? I certainly will never know. I can only stand in awe.

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