Out of my mind Trifecta

Just for fun, I thought I’d try an “out of my mind” Trifecta this week. I asked for a main character, setting, and format from you all and took the first suggestions received from 3 different people. I also said I might attempt a random word suggestion.

Character: Garden boy – suggested by Anthony

Setting: Merchant ship’s galley – suggested by H.H.

Format: Poem – suggested by Madame Weebles

Random words: ice and curtains – suggested by Mary I, and “wenis” aka the soft skin on your elbow – suggested by PMAO

Trifecta‘s challenge word was “dinosaur” defined – 3: one that is impractically large, out-of-date, or obsolete

*Any of you Trifectans or other people reading this, I am having a pity party this weekend. I’d love to see you there. For more info: Party Time!

Once there was a garden boy.
The beauty of flowers brought him much joy.
His work was play, or so it seemed
Except when he fell asleep and dreamed.
A merchant ship upon the sea
In the galley, is where he’d be
For there his love washes a dish
Soap bubbles embrace her soft wenis
The movement of the curtain’s lace
Shows a lucky breeze upon her face.
Even the wind desperately tries
To touch her lips, to catch her eyes
A man’s cold heart would melt like ice
With just one word from beauty so nice.
But the gardener knew it wasn’t real
Although his heart desired to steal
This gorgeous creature that he dreamed
It wasn’t meant to be, it seemed.
So waking he would quickly go
To making perfect flowers grow
Lips red as rose, hair sunflower’s gold
His dream? A dinosaur, never to unfold.
Although her heart, he couldn’t keep
He wouldn’t have traded a moment’s sleep.
Even when dreams fail to come true.
They still are part of what makes you, you.

48 thoughts on “Out of my mind Trifecta

    • Thanks! I think I’m a little of both, and I want to be a writer about as bad as he wants his dream to come true. I want to keep stretching myself, and Trifecta is perfect for that.

  1. Nice Story, Hobs. Reminds me of some dreams I’ve had in which you live a life – a long one (30, 40 years) – love someone . . . wake up,
    and they’re lost.

    I’ve had a couple like that. “The Boy” was based on one. I love ’em & I hate ’em. To live a life when you are asleep is good. To lose all you had when you wake up: devastating.

    Been there, done that a few times. (wry smile . . . okay, heartache, okay? It was really hard.)

    • Sorry Jeff. Dreams are a strange thing. They can kind of steal your breath when you realize it’s just a dream. Sometimes the reverse seems quite true as well. I have desperately hoped I was dreaming before.

  2. With all of those prompts, I thought this was going to be about a crazy zombie Gardner from outer space with a small wenis! But it was lovely and quite sane. Nice job.

    • Thank you. I have to. I want to be comfortable writing anything, and it is a lot of fun to do it this way. Maybe it will be a trifecta challenge sometime. πŸ˜‰

  3. That made me laugh. I am proud of you for not going with the obvious ‘wenis’ rhyme. I might have gone for something like;
    I’ll never let my wrinkely wenis,
    ever ever come between us…
    I am from mars, and you are from venus,
    my tongue is so long I can lick my own wenis…
    But that’s just me…

  4. Wow. One challenge just isn’t enough for you, is it? I’m impressed by what you’ve been able to do here. It’s actually really good, despite (because of?) all of the crazy words you had to throw in. I’m still laughing about where the accent falls on wenis. Good stuff. Thanks for linking up.

    • Thank you! Please come to the pity party too. It’s already going strong and it’s only 5 hours old. I think you would really have fun and get a little break from the normal.

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