Pity Party Starts Tomorrow

This is a quick reminder that the pity party starts tomorrow, and it’s going through Monday now. WIM2S and Mooselicker are in for sure now too. It will probably be the best blog experience ever. If it’s not, that’s one more thing to whine about, so either way it will be awesome.

Remember to check this blog out, but more importantly, have your own pity party on your blog and link here, so we can find you. Have fun…but not too much fun, or it will ruin the mood.

23 thoughts on “Pity Party Starts Tomorrow

  1. I am so impressed my computer is about to blow up with ya’ll. Ok Ms. HH I am a cross blog follower. I am a crafty girl (hooker) I need to pass this on to you,being as you saw the Moon this am. ( if i get in trouble oh well) she is not looking for kudos I just want to share. “one yarn after another” Aug 30th post. ” this is beautiful” and it is worthy of watching. You will “get” it. wish I was more savvy but I know you can do it. Please find it will make you smile.. Goodnight to you and yours from Alabama 🙂

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    • It’s everywhere Moose, I just wrote a post with all the links so far. It’s “Speaking of things that suck” it has my links too, and peoples comments are fun of course. You are supposed to write your own too, so we can go. I have to step away from the computer for a while though, so have fun at all the parties!

      • Eek I’m not sure I’ll be able to write up something about being pitiful so quickly. Once I leave work I won’t be back online until Tuesdee. Looks like I showed up to a costume party expecting a beach theme.

        • You don’t have to Moose. I’ll just make fun of you about it. 😉 You could always do something on Tuesday if you want, but going to the other parties is most of the fun anyway.

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