It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To

Is it just me, or does she seem too happy for that song?

Top Ten Things You Should Pity Me For

10. My size. It doesn’t matter what size I am. It could always be better.

9. This is a pity party. That should be reason enough.

8. My butt hurts. All the time. Worst thing about being in a wheelchair.

7. I’m not a millionaire. Other people are. Guess I’m not good enough for that.

6. Nobody is coming to my pity party. Oh, you’re here? Well, aren’t you lucky. Since I called you nobody, you have something to feel sorry for yourself about. No one called me nobody.

5. All the stupid scratch tickets I’ve wasted money on.

4. No one reads/buys my book. It isn’t because I haven’t written one. I haven’t written one because no one would read or buy it.

3. My dog died. When I was like, 19. It wasn’t really my dog. I don’t actually like dogs much. Maybe you should feel sorry for me having a dog.

2. Dog lovers hate me now.

1. People always want me to give them a reason to pity me. Just do it!

There’s a few questions in the comments, and feel free to add your own, then go write your pity party if you haven’t already.

99 thoughts on “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To

    • Got laid off, did not take COBRA option. Caught MRSA while visiting Aunt in Critical Care Facility the following week. Went to Dr. 2x weekly for 8 months. Right leg is almost completely consumed by MRSA and Staph, left leg 1/3 consumed and getting worse. Dr. suggests amputation of rt. leg. I change Dr. New Dr. clears up legs in 6 weeks. MRSA caused Lympthedema. Now I cannot stay vertical for more than 2 hours or leg swells like a parody of blow up doll. Takes 2 days in horizontal position for swelling to go down. First Dr. was Pakistani I never ever saw personally. Pain in leg unbearable at times. Given bottomless bottle of morphine by Pakistanis Physician Assistant. New Dr. cuts off opiates. Now on methadone for pain pill addiction. On the brink of losing house. Currently on unemployment federal extention #2. Runs out in December. SSI takes 3 to 6 months for approval so no income from Jan. to July? Lose house for sure, maybe wife? Sitting on the edge of full tilt pity party. Your invited……..
      P. S. Bring a dish for pot luck pity supper (Do you have any meat?).

      • Wow, that is crazy. I am so sorry. Okay, first, have you applied for SSDI too? It is separate from SSI, and you would definitely qualify. Next, have you looked into the state resources where you live? There is usually some sort of program (TANF, temporary assistance for needy families, Medicaid, housing and utility assistance, etc) that is state specific and won’t take as long to be approved and get going with.

        Call your mortgage company. It is more expensive for them to foreclose on a house and try to auction it off, than it is to let you have a few months with no payment. Some housing owners that got into a difficult situation with the market crash, have just “squatted” and won’t leave. Don’t pay either. It was on the news and some lenders won’t forcefully evict because of the costs. The odds of selling would be slim now anyway. Check local laws for eviction and stuff. Like I said before, I am so sorry, and I’m just trying to brainstorm ways to help.

      • Oh yeah, and the pain killer stuff is horrible. I’ve had my own struggles with addictions to the beasts. I’m so sorry about that one too.

        And the MRSA. I don’t know how to say how sorry I really am about all the stuff that has happened.

      • Oh Bats…I’m so sorry. You have had so many huge things happen. I don’t know what to say except I think you are incredibly strong to share your story with us. To share your struggles. You also share the good things, although the bad seems overwhelming during the relatively short time I’ve known you. Regardless, being open takes courage and strength and I’m so glad that I do know you. Love you girl!

        • Oh don’t be sorry, my family is fucked up and I’ve learned to deal with it. Wait now that I mention that, I don’t really deal with it in a positive way, do I? Shit and here I was thinking I was doing dandy. Damn it all.
          Oh and thank you for your kind words. I just love you Hobbs, I hope you know that.

          • I love you too Bats!

            You don’t deal with it in a positive way, but the people who “do” are usually messed up the other way…self-righteous, hypocritical…

            I guess there are some truly healthy people out there, but not too many.

    • I was seven and playing in the fields and dirt as we were wont to do as children. It had rained hard the night before, and I got stuck in mud up to my calves. I knew I was going to die in that quicksand mud, and I was crying, and sobbing, and screaming for my life. A lineman for the county was working nearby, and as I was disturbing his coffee break at the top of the pole, he shimmied down and managed to free me from certain death. He was kind enough to walk home with me and tell my mother what a dingdong daughter she was raising. That was the worst. Otherwise, I’ve led a charmed life.

      • That would be so scary. Kids get into a lot of really bad situations without realizing it until they are stuck. I’m glad you were rescued.

        Also, charmed lives are not welcome here this weekend, so you should go drive your car through the garage or something.

        Just teasing. Thanks for coming.

        • I did go with some humor there, but I do remember it being really traumatic for me. And thank goodness it was in the days of good Samaritans rather than child abductors. I had some other pitiful things I could have posted – much worse than driving through the garage :-), but went with mud.

          • Well, the party is all weekend. A lot of the other people posting are doing humor, with truth mixed in. It is fun, and I’d love to see yours if you decide to write one.

    • No pity post on my blog for me. My family and friends might be reading it and some things are better left unsaid. Besides my friend told me that I really should stop wallowing in pity and be more positive. Bullshit, but maybe he does have a point and I know he reads my blog LOL!

      Let’s see if I can come up with something here. I was actually conned by a real live con man. I even lived with the jerk. I had to file bankruptcy. I am divorced and got the short end of the stick because I am way too nice for my own damn good.

      I suffer from Bipolar Disorder and other mental conditions and have way too many physical conditions for one person. I am disabled due to all those conditions and can’t take medicines for a lot of them because I have terrible reactions and allergies. Besides I have no insurance and no money except for the paltry sum I get from the government for SSDI. I really hurt my back when I helped my mom lift my dad the other day. I should say hurt it more because it always hurts anyhow. My asthma is getting worse and I struggle to breathe.

      One of my grandchildren turned out to be not my grandchild. This betrayal almost destroyed my son and it didn’t make the rest of the family happy either. I still miss her…a lot!

      I have spewed enough crap to depress myself even more. It took me awhile to write this post as either my computer or the browser froze and it took about 5 minutes to unfreeze.

      Oh and Hobbles, sorry I forgot the hostess gift. Time to go cry into my pillow.

      • I’m so sorry Tessa.

        That is crazy about the con man. It is so hard to know who to trust, especially when you are too nice for your own good.

        The Bipolar and other conditions are so bad too. I wish that you didn’t have all the allergies to medications that you have. Have you checked into some of the state specific aide programs? I mentioned some earlier in the comments that our state has, but all the states have lots of assistance that the federal aide does not.

        The thing about your granddaughter is so sad too. I’m sorry you are depressed. I know that monster well, and even when things are good it can be miserable. I hope you get some relaxation in this weekend.

  1. Allow me to say: Life has ups and downs. I once was wa-a-ay down. Lost a child, had nervous breakdown, nearly lost husband, nearly lost another child, had family members ratting to each other about me, etc. I DO have to leave out the worst. But it got better. Sorry if that offends. I did enjoy the “humor” here, but you know, some of this’s pretty sad. I totally feel sorry for those who are in the down times. I’ve totally been there. But it got better. I’m not sure how. I think prayer changes things, but so many argue against that . . . and maybe that kinda talk is taboo at a pity party? I’m new at this. πŸ˜‰

    • I’m a pity party professional, and you can talk about whatever you would like.

      I’m sorry you have had a lot of horrible things happen to you. I think things usually do get better eventually, but sometimes the pain is so deep it is hard to wait it out, as I’m sure you know.

      Some of the pity party stuff is pretty intense. Horrible, and sad. Hopefully writing about it and sharing the pain is helpful a little.

  2. Sounds like your butt needs a good massage by a dog. I suggest going to the humane society and announcing you don’t like dogs but you expect a massage. Your book that you haven’t written that no one would buy does suck. You should rethink chapter 3 and rewrite.

    great challenge super blogger πŸ˜‰


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